Legal compliance basics?

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If you have found a good site that explains the basics of compliance with government laws and regs for online business, where is it please? I'm not even sure if I have to collect and remit sales tax...
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    I am also searching fo the same site and I cannot find... thanks you mention this...
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    Well a lot depends on the state in which you do business, for instance I know that some states require collection of taxes, for all sales made and delivered inside the state of purchase.

    This is an area of developing interest online and offline.

    There are specialists, in this area that practice law with the Internet and Intellectual law as the heart of their knowledge.

    There are also some that just have that degree but do not really have any real practical trial experience, most recent some bad advice was given to a company that ended up being shut down by authorities.

    The guy had the license on the wall but had little real world experience in trial experience, the end result was quite damaging to the company that took his advice.

    In another case, there is a gentleman who sell's one size fits all legal agreements, that are so tangled in incompetence that now there are several Internet Marketers who now have generic legal statements that are damaging to their businesses.

    In short, nothing is a substitute for competent legal advice, not only competent, but experienced in legal trial and theory.

    There are some resources, available, depending on the state in which you do business.

    If you think that is confusing, consider this, what about where your website is hosted?

    Does that have any legal ramifications on how you do business online?

    I will end with a disclaimer,

    this is not legal advice.

    You can also do a search on google, for Internet Law, legal advice.

    That will point you in the right direction.
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    Since you're in Canada, you can start here:

    Canada Revenue Agency

    And here:

    Industry Canada Site - Home

    Those two are government sites. has a small business canada info section:

    Small Business Canada - Starting a Small Business - Small Business Articles

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      Thanks all, and, lol, thanks Suzanne. I laugh because I often have to dig around in CRA's website for my day work. Which is why I was hoping to find a good distillation somewhere else! Lazy. : )

      - For your import/export/customs questions or problems, send PM.

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        From my experience in the US tax is owed only on sales made within your state of business, and you do not have to remit tax payments for orders taken from other states. You do have to report your overall business or personal revenue to federal income though.

        Please note that I am not an attorney by any means and that you should not take the above post as legal advice. Talk to your own attorney or do your own research on Google as recommended above.

        Hope this helps.
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          I agree with the rest of the advice that's been given. Unfortunately, there's no easy answer. It changes depending on your country, state and, sometimes, even your local government's rules.

          I echo the group's recommendation that you seek the advice of legal and tax professionals.

          __________________________________________________ ________________________

          Any opinions are offered without knowledge of the specific law of your jurisdiction and with only the limited information provided in your post. No advice given here should be reasonably relied upon by you or any third party without consulting an attorney who is aware of all of the facts and law surrounding your situation. Any advice given here is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship in any way.
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