Help with my squeeze page!!!!

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I don´t have experience uploading squeeze pages to FTP or hostgator. I already upload to hostgator and my squeeze page looks like this:

Become an Affiliate Marketer

I can sign up and I can get redirect to my affiliate link but the squeezepage looks bad!!!!! how can I make look fine?

Thanks so much =)
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    Hi azulita,

    I had really wanted to help but the page will not load on Firefox, I will try again shortly and see what I can help you with! Until then maybe someone else will be able to get it to load and give some insight! If I get it loaded I'll edit this comment for you :-)

    No sooner then clicking the submit button the page loaded...ironic. Anyways, you've obviously coded with HTML but it looks like a bit of the coding is off i.e. some text has been centered others have not. There is no difference within the text making it a bit hard to read, consider using different text families for your headline, sub-headline and body text. I also noticed some typing structures that made it a little hard on the eyes. Capitalization is fine when used properly and sometimes I don't mind read text "That Looks Like This", but be sure that if you're going to use that type of typing all words look like that because "Reading Something That Looks Like This" is easier that "Reading something That Looks like This" at least in my opinion!

    If you're familiar with tables I would also encourage you to use one to help draw the reader's eyes into your text. Remove symbols such as !@%^*: in front of text and instead consider making it a different color, font weight, size or underline it.

    The image is also showing up as broken, now again I'm using Firefox so I'm not sure if it shows that ways for others. Look within your code and ensure it is spelled correctly or perhaps you did not upload the photos?

    Good luck and feel free to PM if you need anymore help!
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    you need to upload the image directory with all the images
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    if you use a html squeeze page, usually it comes with 2 type of files...
    index.html and the other is a "images" folder...

    when you upload into hostgater, you should upload BOTH of them in the same domain :>

    For example your site name is abc(dot)com...
    there should be 2 types of file inside it :
    *abc(dot)com/images (<<< where inside this folder is your used images for your template)

    hope this help :>

    Warm regards,
    Hendy August
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    I would suggest to make the headline shorter
    remove "Become an Affiliate Marketer
    with Affiloblueprint 3" at the top

    You can try to increase the button where is says I want my course !

    There seem to be an image missing before the webform

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    I hope this helps

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    For further analysis, head over to and plug in your url to tweak the HTML.
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    I have edited my original post with some pointers I hope will be helpful for you, again if you need anything just shoot a line!
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    You should upload the whole folder where your squeeze page is located. This includes CSS and image folders.
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    As said previously, if you bought ready-made squeeze page set if should be one uploadable folder including all the images, html- and css -files.

    I would also highly recommend getting a Wordpress installation. Then you'd have a visual editor and tons of free ready-made plugins for different needs.

    PM me if you need help with Wordpress. I'm happy to help you.
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