What is a JV Broker and.....

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how do you make money from it? How can someone get started and make money today? Can someone explain in detail.


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    A JV broker makes money by putting joint venture deals together online or offline.

    Here's an example of how it works:

    If you're a JV broker you might find someone who has a great product to sell and great conversion rates for selling that product.

    You do a deal with them where you get a percentage of any sales you can create for them.

    Then you find someone who has a large targeted email list in a related niche and you tell them about this product and why they should promote it.

    You set up the whole deal and take a percentage of the sales.

    It's good for both parties.

    The guy selling the products gets a ton of new sales he wouldn't have had and the guy promoting the product to his list gets a ton of commissions on a high converting, high quality product.

    If you've set up a lot of deals over time there's an exponential effect because you've built relationships with many marketers and business owners who have large client databases.

    That makes it far easier to set up deals.

    In some cases the JV broker will create the special sales pages and emails required for a JV deal which increases the value of his service to the other 2 parties.

    There are many, many other ways of making money as a JV broker.

    This is just a tiny example.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
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