Please help me with this Flippa sale. Urgent.

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I listed a site for sale. This guy contacted me via e-mail, and we decided on a price. It's almost $1000. My reserve price was $925. Now I just got a notification saying that there is a bid. I accepted the bid, but it only shows the reserve price next to the bidders name. It also says that the reserve price has been met and has the text has turned green.

How do i accept this bid? I cant see any accept bid button. Also, this guy just created his account. There's no feedback. So can there be some fraudulence issue? How should I get paid? Paypal or direct transfer?

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    Well, was it the guy you discussed it with who put the bid in? If so, sounds like he bid at least the reserve or he bid higher but put it in the "what is the highest bid you'll make" link, meaning that if someone outbids him and the highest bid he'll make is higher than the new bidder's bid, it will autobid for him to outbid the new bidder.

    You need to do payment via escrow or wire transfer of cash only. Anything else and you can get scammed, especially with someone who just created an account and has no feedback. Proceed with caution.
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      Hi Kush,

      I have just had a look at your auction and yes, you should see "an accept bid" button to click to accept the bid.

      However if you have already accepted an offer you need to end the auction immediately.

      For the amount you are talking about, you do also need to use Escrow to close the transaction.

      By the way, it is a nice site and Congratulations on selling it on Flippa.

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    Hearing the words money and Flippa always makes me apprehensive

    Suzanne is right, preceded with caution and use the escrow service.
    " I knew that if I failed, I wouldn't regret that.
    But I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. "

    ~ Jeff Bezos

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      Originally Posted by cbpayne View Post

      Why not ask Flippa?
      Try emailing Flippa and see how long it will take to get a response on a Sunday
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