Craigslist Emails not going threw..

by texstorm 3 replies

Since that boston murder on the 19th, i cant get any emails going threw...

Im sending 5 emails per account ,3 second intervals.. I dont get it why is no one receiving the emails , and there not bouncing back.


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    How do u track them ?

    I mean how do u know they are not going through ?

    If you are tracking the clicks on your link inside the body of the email, make sure they are not getting filtered out by craigslist system.

    Try sending emails with different urls with built in tracking mechanism.

    Hope this helps,
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    Are you sure email are actually sent?
    Are you sending emails to emails? If Yes, are you sure they are not getting filtered?
    How do you send them emails? Via gmail accounts? Manually?

    Try putting 1 x 1 pixel image in the email and if anyone opens it then you will get know that emails are opening.

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    I think it changed since the boston murder it seems nothing is going threw.. they will for a bit then it seems it wont after awhile, i think maybe they limit the ammount a URL can be sent per day or something
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