Is War Room really worth it?

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Hey there!

Dave here! I'm pretty much new on this forum but I'm not a complete newbie at making money on the Internet. I've been doing YouTube and CPA for quite a few years now and I'm kind of experienced in this field of making money online, but as everyone else, I'd like to try something new since CPA is boring me at the moment.

Well, enough for the introduction and let's get to the point... Is the War Room worth the money? I've seen that most of people here have the War Room membership but before buying, I just want to hear your objective opinion about it... What kind of information can I find in the private forums? What benefits do I get?

Thank you!

~ Dave
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  • It's a tiny amount of money, it's a no brainer.

    It's pretty much the only section I do bother visiting nowadays, a lot of the really decent stuff is collated there.

    Benefits ?

    Folks give away WSO's and a bunch of decent stuff is in one simple to find location.

    Seriously, it's like $10 or something, crack on Dave, nothing to lose.
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      Definitely worth it. The amount of stuff I've found in there that helped push my business forward is humungous. I have not given enough thanks

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    I'll say, NO. It's worth a LOT more than $37.

    -Ray Edwards
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      Originally Posted by Raydal View Post

      I'll say, NO. It's worth a LOT more than $37.

      -Ray Edwards
      Agreed, the value you get in return for a mere $37 investment, is money well spent.

      (*Assuming "YOU" intend to "TAKE" something away from the information provided inside, and actually put it to "ACTION" in your marketing practices.)
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    Well to be honest I don't really use the War Room at all but it does include quite a lot of free stuff once you pay the $37 to join, so yeah I guess it's worth it. Plus, you need to be a War Room Member to post a WSO, which is rather important I purchased it mainly for that reason.


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    Okay guys! Thank you for your honest opinions! I'll buy it!

    One more thing that is on my mind... after you buy War Room membership, are there any additional fees to post a WSO?


    ~ Dave
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      Hey Dave,

      First of all the War Room is worth a lot more than you doubts there. Regarding your second question, yes you have to pay for WSO thread separately, the war room membership is just a pre-requisite to launch a WSO.

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    Thank you for your replies!

    All my questions I had right now have been answered. The thread can be closed.


    ~ Dave
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