How To Get Over WSO Launch Fear?

by Jordan Hunter Banned
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Hey everyone!

I've read a few threads about launching a WSO and all the work that goes into it but no one really touches upon the fear that comes with it. Over the last couple of years I've been developing WordPress plugins, I get extremely close to finishing or finish it but then get a crippling launch fear. They instead sit in a folder on my laptop wasting space.

Perhaps I should explain why I'm so jaded. Two years ago I worked with a fellow Warrior (though then I didn't know they belonged here) to develop a plugin and no I will not name names. I'm not completely fluent in all things programming but I'm not a complete noob. Long story short I hired them to polish up what I wasn't able to code myself and instead they ripped off my entire idea, coding and all. The plugin still remains in my inventory for fear of releasing it and looking like a "copycat" even though I have changed things to make it my own (again).

Beyond that how do you get over the fear of a WSO launch? It's really keeping me at a standstill and I'm done watching everyone move along. Sorry for the rant/pity party I promise I'm not always such a Debbie Downer lol!
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    You get over it by paying the $40 and launching the darn thing. Stop over thinking it. Nobody gives a sh*t, make your money.
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    You have two options: fail by not trying or keep trying until you succeed. If you let this fear overwhelm you, failure is the only outcome. Take charge and release your product. The worst thing that happens is that your first launch doesn't do well. Learn from it and grow!
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    Hahaha Ron I love your f*ck it attitude! I guess I really need to stop being a little b*tch and get moving.

    Drem you're also right I guess I'm just over thinking it all.
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      Originally Posted by Jordan Hunter View Post

      Hahaha Ron I love your f*ck it attitude! I guess I really need to stop being a little b*tch and get moving.

      Drem you're also right I guess I'm just over thinking it all.
      Quick story of motivation for you. I used to write for 1/2 the price, while someone else banked a ton of money off of my work. I finally got sick of it and called it quits with them. I went to Italy for 2 weeks came back and opened up my service. I know more than the guy I worked with, I have been in the game for a longer time, but fear stopped me from taking action. I am a little over a month into my own service and am almost at 1/2 of what I was making before working a heck of a lot less. I mean, my average week used to look like a 6 - 11 job 7 days a week. Now, I am on a normal 9 - 5 and loving it. Do it my friend. Do not waste years waiting like I did. Your work is worth it. You are worth it. Put it up! (Sorry for any writing errors. I am not in editing mode tonight by any means!)
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    I am about 3 weeks from launching my own first WSO. Yes, I have had my own fears about my upcoming launch but I must admit I have been self employed for over 25 years in the offline business. I have learned in those 25 years that you can not let fear get the best of you. I failed miserably in my first 10 years in business for myself, losing over $100,000. It was a very expensive education to say the least. However, that "education" has paid off very well in the last 15 years. The most important lesson I have learned is that you have to:

    1. Get over your fears real quick
    2. Believe in your self
    3. Never, ever, trade your honesty, integrity or accountability
    4. Have a true belief and passion about helping others and yourself
    5. Everything else will fall in place

    Failure is not an option! If someone steals your idea, start again and make it better. I once had a family member tell me (in my early teens) I will never amount to anything. That was a big blow to my ego. I picked my butt up and that same person is broke as a joke today, 25 years later. Bottom line, get over your fears and follow your heart! I truly hope I have helped you in some manner!
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      There's nothing to it, but to do it. The worse that can happen, is you don't make back the $40 and time you invested in making the product. Small loss, but you still get to live

      Not all WSO's are successful, but a scared man can't make money.

      Good luck with your first WSO
      " I knew that if I failed, I wouldn't regret that.
      But I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. "

      ~ Jeff Bezos

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        There's a book, "Feel The Fear ... and Do It Anyway". Think the title itself tells you what you need to do.

        I've never actually read the book. Pretty good reviews on Amazon.
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    Nike said it best...

    "Just do it."

    It's the only way you learn.
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      Your ability to earn money is directly related to the number of buy buttons you put online, and how many eyeballs see them.

      If both of those numbers are zero... then you have failed. Think about that daily, and do everything in your power to change it.

      There is no such thing as a failed launch if you've never tried. You can only go up. If you've never tried, you never know, you never learn, and you'll never grow.

      In fact, I'd rather try nine launches and have little results if it gets me to the tenth big one and I can take the rest of the year off.

      How much do you want to learn? How you gonna do it?

      You're still on the baby diving board right now. There's not much to worry about. Dive already. Take a swim, rinse, and repeat.
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      Just don't let it get to you, and see it as trying to do a marketing strategy to trying to yield some profits.

      This is a natural feeling, but keep us posted on how your results went
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    Well your not a WarRoom member so you cant launch a WSO yet anyway.
    However becoming a WarRoom member and launching a WSO is only going to cost you $80.

    Lots of people say get over the fear by doing it and thats great advice but I say that also change your thinking of yourself. Get over your fear by having faith on your product, in your expertise and your development ability. Instead of thinking to yourself .. oh man I hope people will buy my plug in and I make some ROI on my WSO. Start thinking .. man Im a great guy for giving this awesome plug in to the Warrior members for only $XXX.

    Have faith and confidence in yourself. Believe in yourself because if you dont no one else will.
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    Ready...FIRE....Then Aim!

    Just fire away. You will learn a lot about the results from your launch. As soon as you launch it, take a look around at the different WSO's out there, especially the ones high in views. Take some time to review the copy and headlines. Think about what others do the same and differently as you. Now, if you feel that your results are lackluster, think about tweaking some areas. After spending 15-30 minutes looking at other WSO's, you should get a feel for some of the common elements that lead to success.

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    Hi Jordan,

    Something that helps me taking action and to stop worrying is:

    1) Gather all the information I can about the subject so I can make an informed decision.

    2) I ask myself: What's the worst thing that could happen if I make this decision?

    3) I accept it, and then I stick with the idea.

    I have discovered that my deepest fears never come true.

    This is what I did for about 5 years when I launched my first WSO. I made more than $1000 in my first try.

    Warm regards,
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    To get over the fear You must have courage
    The quickest way to get over here is taking action.
    The more you think about it the worst It will get

    Its not about you Never has been, never will be

    If you have the knowledge and capability to be able to offer something that will benefit others life's you have the obligation to do so.
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    Let me tell you the worst thing that can happen is it does nothing... big deal your out $40

    Just do it... Try to get as many affiliates as possible before you start and make sure to have some reviewers do reviews the day it goes live...

    Man... Fear is and always will be the main cause of Failure.... Do yourself a big favor and release it no matter what or you will always be stuck in neutral

    Win or loose you at least will not be afraid anymore

    Good luck....
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    If it succeeds - you're a rockstar.
    If it fails - no one notices.

    The risk to your reputation or your livelihood is almost none existent.
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    Picture all the WSO forum members in their underwear, and then just go ahead with the launch of a lifetime. Good luck
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    your fear of failure is what's holding you back. I know because I just launched my first ever product just a few weeks ago--everything was exciting until launch day--I remember waking up that day anxious as heck not knowing how people would react to my product. It wasn't a WSO - it was launched in a different popular forum--anyway, I just did it--and I was more than surprised to see the success of it!!! I have NO regrets! Of course--and I know I just added this to another thread here in the warrior forum--
    but this video helped me get over my fear of failure actually pretty quickly. Anytime I start to feel that way when I'm calling on prospects for example--I just watch this video..
    Maybe it could help you too..

    Join my private Facebook very active facebook group and learn the secrets of selling print advertising to offline businesses.

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