How do we get recipes?

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I have a question. Can we outsource article writing for recipes niche? Where do we find writers for this niche? I need lot of recipes for my website, but then they need to be unique. I know lot of them are freely available.
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    Look on this forum in the service offered section. Look on fiverr. Look on iwriter. A lot depends on the quality you want. Most article writers would be willing to write recipe articles, though I'm sure you could find some who specialize in it.
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    hi !! you need it free or pay ??
    if you need it pay , search about unique article on google , or ask someone on fiverr
    if you need it free!! i have for you a website good and have very much recipe with ingredients and with all step image or you can find also video !! ( much information about recipe )
    you can visit this website : Instructables - DIY How To Make Instructions
    like that : Rainbow Marzipan Cake
    really really it's intesting !! you will love it i'm sure !!
    Best Regards
    Founani Chouaib !!
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      Hi, I would be able to provide the recipes for you. Maybe we could discuss further on what you need exactly.

      PM me (cos I can't PM you yet) or email me at tania.k800 [at] gmail [dot] com

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        ok, any good writers who write recipes
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          What sort of recipes are you after? All types? Or just desserts, savoury foods, for diabetics, etc?
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            MY domain and niche is pertaining to healthy heart recipes. so, I am looking at recipes that will help with the heart well being, for patients who have heart disease or CHD, or something like that. Heart friendly recipes. it might be even for people who dont have heart disease, but who would like to eat these recipes so that their heart functions well and they dont get any heart problems.
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    you can hire someone at elance and odesk and they will do it for you
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    search freelancer and odesk in google and post a project to write article about ''easy healthy diet recipes best book ever''
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    Most published recipes are poorly constructed.
    i.e. first item used listed #1, second #2, etc.
    " 1 can of beans" - 8 oz, 15 oz, 22 oz? happens a lot
    Change format. "Combine these four ingredients…"
    1 pound can be changed to 16 ounces.

    Remember an idea cannot be copyrighted. Only the wording.

    There are a few million recipes on the internet. Most can be improved upon.
    You have my permission to make them better, easier to follow.

    Change the title.


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