18% conversion, yet been told to give up?

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Hi all,

My best ever site, which has earned me $5, which to me is good ! Has a conversion rate of 18%. This has inspired me to make it as big as I can.

However, I was told on WF not to even both with it, and give up. As my content is pulled from WP Zon Builder - WordPress Amazon Plugin for the Amazon Affiliate so the posts are essentially [wp-product]

What can I do to make it better, grow it and rank it. Should I give up with wpzonbuilder and put the products in manually? I spent 99$ on it, so I'm still 95$ down so I don't wanna give up

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    I'd keep using it but just reword the content
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    Learn from it, scales up to similar products/services that offer higher commissions, and if you maintain an 18% conversion with higher ticket items you'd be making more in one or two sales than you're currently 'out-of-pocket'.
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    Conversion data isn't usually accurate until you have 1000+ visitors. Just something to keep in mind.
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    If you've already made $5 - why give up?

    Obviously, something, somewhere is working - identify what and scale up.
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      Originally Posted by Josh Monroe View Post

      If you've already made $5 - why give up?

      Obviously, something, somewhere is working - identify what and scale up.
      I love it when people always just say scale up -- like it's that easy.

      Something that has made $5 is nowhere near something that is proven enough to be scaled up.

      If you have something making you a few hundred dollars a day, fair enough. But not $5. That's not to say you aren't doing something that can be scaled up but with such low earnings, it's nowhere near tried and tested.
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    If you could use it on multiple sites, it sounds like you'd need to make 20 sites to break even in the first month or so. Then the rest is profit.
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    You could re-word some of the content, add some more written content, youtube videos and pictures can all help too.

    How are you getting traffic - if it isn't Google any issues with duplicate content is not such an issue.
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    It depends. If you have been putting tons of hours of work into your website for just $5, then I suggest you move on to something else. However, if traffic is growing, then you should maintain that growth, keep wpzonbuilder, add new unique content, etc.
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