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Hi everyone,

I have a doubt regarding outbound links in blogs of a Private Blog Network.

I have read different approaches to how to link to money sites from a site of a PBN, ranging from drip feed 2-3 posts/day from you own private blog network to your money site to not link to your money site from more than one site in your PBN…

And, to be honest, I am not clear how to do it…My questions are:

1. How many links to the same money site is it advisable to have from the same blog (of your PBN)?

2. Do you link to different money sites from the same blog (of your PBN)? If so, do you set up private whois on that money sites? (I think that it could leave a foot print..) This is one of my biggest doubts because if you link from one of your PBN blog to, for example, two of your money sites (which does not have private whois) then this can be a huge footprint … What do you do?

3. Or, you just use only one site of your PBN to link to one money site. And you don’t link to more than one money site per site of your PBN?

I am trying to understand how experienced Internet Marketers do the back linking process from their own PBN in order for me to prevent from doing something wrong (I just set up my first site PBN! )

Thanks in advance!!
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