How to use ClickBank?

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Hey guys

Just a quick question, I'm planning on experimenting with ClickBank. What is the best way to get started with click bank.

Do I:

1. Find Product to promote
2. Build Website with key word in domain
3. SEO,( back links, meta tags, word placement, videos etc )

Any experiences? Things to watch out for? Is it worth doing?

Thanks for your help
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    the first to find yourself a good comfortable promoting a product that you make yourself a good landing page and landing pagele send a lot of traffic.
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    There are already a lot of good threads about this so search around a bit. But I'll just
    say that you're likely going to be beating your head against the wall this way.

    The reason is, it's pretty tough to sell info products to random people who are just doing
    a drive-by to your site. Unless they already knew about the product you're promoting
    and were on their way to buy anyway, you won't be making many sales.

    The one big thing that's missing from that plan is building an email marketing
    . Without that, you'll always be struggling to make consistent money.
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    Pick a Market
    Find Good Products
    Build A Squeeze Page
    Follow Up With CB offers
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    Let me suggest 2 search strings on here and elsewhere to help get you going:

    List building + ClickBank


    YouTube + ClickBank

    You'll find lots of great actionable information....Good Luck!

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    1. Find a product that solves a problem.

    2. Find the people that need the solution.

    3. Use paid ads to get your product in front of those people.
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    Ya, get a product to promote (do some research for problem solving)
    Make a Youtube video keywords around the product name (related)
    Send the visitors to the product page (you could collect lists too).
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    At first you need to pick up a niche before you go to get a website desigend and name it, because website should be named and designed accordingly to the niche.
    Pick highly demanded products, make good squeeze page, do list building, run ads to get targetted visitors.
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    First of all, you should find buyers. You have to find people who are spending money online and see what they are buying.

    Then, you should sell them the same products that they are already buying from someone else, or similar products that solve the same problems.

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