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What are the odds, if one was very patient, of building a business if you did no extra marketing, but relied solely on CB's own filtering/searching interface to direct prospects to your product page?

Let's assume the product is an excellent value (as discovered only by the brave few first buyers), properly pitched on that one page, and related to a wildly popular topic.

My first thought is that the copycats would find it first, since they'd have the time, and aggressively sell it to the world... but maybe, just maybe, the few first buyers would remember your name...
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    That sounds like a recipe for disaster.
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      Originally Posted by Chris Lockwood View Post

      That sounds like a recipe for disaster.
      Well, no offense meant, but it can't really be a "disaster", can it? I mean, what's the worst that could happen, no one ever finds it and it doesn't sell?

      I should have also mentioned that new products would be regularly introduced... Anyway, just a thought experiment.

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        Yes, it's a recipe for disaster. I did something sort of like that last year, writing an ebook on a niche topic that I'm one of the world's foremost experts on. I planned to build the business slowly. "If you build it they will come" was my basic idea.

        Things went fine for the first few months, but then a big name marketer stormed into the niche, created a knock-off of my product (he copied some of my stuff nearly word-for-word), and has destroyed me. Nearly all the potential affiliates are promoting that slime ball instead of me. His Clickbank gravity is now over 200, while mine is about 10 or so.

        When you find a profitable niche, you need to view it like an oil gusher. When you strike oil, you should drill that oil as fast and furious as you can, before competitors move in and take it from you.
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