Is this just PLR padding ?

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I am looking at samples of free download samples and one has three freebies included. One of which has pages that run into the hundreds... Quite a freebie I thought and a lot to aim for maybe for a new boy. However, I decided to Google the title and found the same book for sale in Amazon at $24 and other sources also.

How is this being offered as a freebie? is it PLR or another way to gain published material to offer to your list?

The freebie is

A Step-by-Step Guide to Optimum Health
and Relief from Catastrophic Illness

It is offered as part of a Clickbank product called 'Truth About Abs'

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    'Truth About Abs' is one of the best-selling products on clickbank so it wouldn't be too surprising if they paid someone to create a freebie of that size for them.

    That said, freebies are often past products from the same marketer, or cross-promotional deals where another marketer adds their product as a bonus to get exposure for themselves.

    If its for sale on amazon though its not just a plr book as those get taken down pretty quickly there.
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    If it's for sale elsewhere I would say that it must have some
    value just that you are getting it as a "bonus". I offer some
    of my products as a bonus that are sold at another site
    and I would even show the link so the prospects sees that
    I am not just padding but giving real value. I'm sure this
    is the case here because that is a reputable product.

    -Ray Edwards
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  • Ok I see,

    Thanks lads

    I Make Peanut Butter :-)

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    If it's on amazon, could be that person was the one to get it up first. From what I understand, they just don't add books when there is already one for sale. Not so much because it's PLR, but no duplicates. I could be wrong.

    Course with "freebies", some people think it's a good idea to give away the farm to get an email address. Just a thought.
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