Do you buy and sell products with rights

by Bev Clement 3 replies
It never ceases to amaze me that people sell or giveaway products which they have never used or even unzipped. They obviously don't care about the rights they have, as long as they can make a fast buck.

There was a thread about being able to buy IM products cheaply in Thailand, yet people forget that many warriors are not only selling products at a cut down price but giving away things they have no rights to.

I got a product today from a giveaway, because I thought it might fit with a site I have. I wasn't looking to sell the product but to give it to members after creating a new product.

The person claims there are unrestricted rights to it. However, when I unzipped the product it said, Source code do not upload. The licence when you read it said you can't pass on PLR, but obviously the person hadn't bothered to read that.

If you are buying or getting product with the view of selling them on as is, then at least check the rights that you can pass on.
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    Either that or the person didnt care about what rights he/she really had.

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      Originally Posted by KimW View Post

      Either that or the person didnt care about what rights he/she really had.

      Hi Bev,

      I find that it's not so much a matter of not reading the license agreement as it is that people do not care! KIm has a good point. It's like anything else. People have a tendency to use whatever and do whatever to gain an advantage with someone else in this business.

      I'm not saying it's right (because it's not), but it is the way things are. To me, it's no better than piracy!

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    It could also be that the person you got it from, (having unrestricted rights), chose to restrict the distribution of the source code himself/herself.

    "Private Label Rights" doesn't necessarily mean "Private Label Resale Rights" or that the source code can be re-distributed at all. It can mean that you can simply edit it and call it your own.

    You could however, use the PLR to create a new product, re-title, re-package, re-write it to the point that it becomes your own original creation. Then you can do whatever you want with it.
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