Marketing for an IT recruiting company with minimal budget - need some fresh ideas!

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I've been marketing for an IT recruiting company for the last 6 months and while our online presence has dramatically improved, we have yet to secure job orders directly from my marketing efforts.

The challenge is that the recruiting industry is a relationship industry, we are hunting big fish clients who have their go-to recruiters. I'm trying to differentiate us by highlighting our personal approach but at the end of the day it comes down to margins. Why would a client choose us over their current vendor list?

I've got my company to the top of organic search results for our keywords (looks good but doesn't convert), grown our tech-focused monthly meetup community to 1000 (from 250), built relationships with my city's tech community by attending and cross-promoting their events, grown our LinkedIn from 50 to 2,800, run social media contests with tech focused prizes (tickets to tech events etc.)

While all great for brand awareness, this doesn't really make my manager happy. As far as he's concerned, I'm costing the company money as I haven't directly brought revenue in. I would love some advice on what else I can do with a tiny budget, ~$35/week on Google Adwords.

I'll be getting cut if I don't bring in direct revenue - despite the other great work I've done - so any help would be appreciated greatly!
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