Internet Marketers = Modern Day Snake Oil Salesmen?

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On my adventures studying marketing and different mediums of advertising along with my profound interest in conspiracy theories I can't help but feel like Internet Marketers are for all intents and purposes Modern Day Snake Oil Salesmen.

Not in the sense that they're duping anyone or ripping people off just that a lot of the products in question are just like the products they used to huck, and trust me sometimes you could easily end up buying some sort of radioactive concoction meant to cure some ailment that in the long run will pale in comparison to the radiation sickness you'll experience.

"I had a toothache, but now I don't have any teeth! Thanks Snake Oil Salesman!"

Online it's a similar battlefield .. buying shady backlinks, or hiring and trusting someone to do something they advertised they were capable of handling only to find out they either botched the entire job and still want to be paid, or they don't do anything at all really and demand payment upfront leaving you high and dry.

But then you find those gold nuggets, those offers and Snake Oil Salesmen who actually have something of value and 9 times out of 10 they don't even know the value of the product they're selling ... Very Similar to online as well.

So I don't think it's completely a bad thing, but rather an interesting turn of the history pages to see how something so prevalent in the beginning of our modern industrial age, and the age of marketing and advertising en masse.

I see it all as a unique opportunity for an entirely new generation of Corporations, Products, Services, Businesses that leave a legacy like some of the Brand Names and Corporations that have survived the ages to dominate not only their market and niche but the world and become a force on this planet that commands resources like some of the soft-drink giants.

I suppose my first question is ........

What *IS* our "OIL"?

Because quite clearly to me it was the "Oilmen" that ended up in the best position from that era of "Snake Oil Salesmen"

(*Disclaimer* I DO NOT Believe that everyone THEN or NOW was knowingly deceiving people into buying "Snake Oil" or the famous "Box 'O' Crap" people sell online, although like with everything in life there are those who choose to knowingly deceive people for self gain.)

Another question I have is, how do we "get it right" this time? I think this affords all of us Internet Marketers the opportunity to create a sustainable structure that is uniquely different from the Corporate/Capitalist structure it was born out of.

I mean, lets not kid ourselves ... this (Internet Marketing) is all still really new and it all completely terrified "The System" ... the music industry, the movie industry, the literature industry, even big box stores, and the pre-internet training and coaching programs, and the marketing and advertising industries.
It was and is, all still so new to everyone, the internet and internet marketing were like having the ultimate Swiss Army Knife but having no idea how to utilize all of its potential.

It's all just so intriguing to me ...
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