Need help and advice, things are desperate.

by PCR100
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I'm a new bee and this is my first post(i really hope its in the right section).
I'm in a bit of trouble and a friend of mine mentioned posting on the forum for help and advice i really hope some of you can help.
I have made a cocktail recipe making video (70mins) and a e-recipe book to go with it (30pages) and I'm trying to sell it as a digital download package together. I have also made a free cocktail video and recipe to give out as a taster if people sign up to the newsletter. The main video is great as it offers chapter skip between all the cocktails (20), tips and a into into how to use thing around your house with out having to purchase cocktail equipment, the video also is able to play on all devices iPhone, iPad etc and there is a streaming option too. The book works well to as it helps you if you get stuck through out the video and has menus and quantities.
The problem that i have is that it has not made 1 sale since going live 2 months ago and it is really getting me down after putting so much effort into it. I thought that this would be a great seller for the christmas period but it is just not selling panic is starting to set in as i have nearly spent all my budget and I'm going away to for 3 months after new year and don't want to give up on this project, i thought that i would at least make a few sales on the run up to christmas and then i could re-invest that money to make more videos.
I have $500 left, that is all the money i have in the world at the moment. I have a few ideas on what to spend it on but I feel that If i do this i'm just going to see my money disappear and will be left with nothing.
I was going to spend money on a Elance copywriter to make me a Click Bank sales page at $500 and see if that would start to bring in a sensible revenue.(Also CB and JVZoo look like a mind field to me)
Another avenue was thinking of getting help from Elance with a google ads campaign but i feel that this might just see all the money disappear and the freelancer bill cost the leftover budget and not have any cash for the actual Ad?
I also thought about getting DVD's made up on and sell them on amazon or ebay? This though will take 10days to receive my sample and my worry is that time is running out for christmas.
I have also tried to add to a few deal sites but can't seem to take it on there due to some code generator to sell there end so thats not looking to good either as this was going to be a plan B.
I am running twitter and about to start my blog for the long term stratagy to make a business, but not seeing much of that happening with the way things are going at the moment.
If anyone has any advice or can help i'm all ears as i'm getting to the end of my tether and thinking of giving up on this which i feel would be a real shame as i really do believe in the product.
I look forward to your posts. If you want to have a look at my site to see where I'm going wrong check out
Thank You!
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      The first thing you need to do is to get your mind set right because with out a positive attitude you will not be able to move on.

      You think "I can't" and that's precisely what you'll get - quickly.

      on the other hand, positive thinking isn't easy - it's the hardest, and most rewarding concept, but get into that way of thinking and you'll fly.

      Think "I can" or "I have" and thiose thoughts will become embedded into your psyche.

      I would strongly recommend shooting an email to this guy (tell him I sent you) ...Maven Profits – Optimizing a Maven Presence Online For Maximum Impact and Maximum Profit. If you go to his page, read one of his articles, you could opt-in to his email/list and contact him that way. Or search "mizesean" here at the forum.

      Apart form that, spend a few weeks searching around this forum and becoming familiar with its content; warriors have done exactly that, from less than you have, and become very wealthy indeed.

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        My guess at first blush (not having done a ton of research) is this is not a great buying market for digital downloads. I base this on a quick peek at top selling Kindle drink guides at Amazon (not selling well). Also that there is so much free stuff out there i.e. consider the 1000 free drink videos at Allrecipes....Cocktail Videos -

        This would indicate to me that in order to make it with this niche you will have to restructure WHAT you plan to sell or HOW you plan to sell it, in order to achieve your goals.

        Pen Name + 8 eBooks + social media sites 4 SALE - PM me (evergreen beauty niche)

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    Your best bet (long-term) is to get some good online marketing training, especially as you could be putting out other products in the future and it's not as easy as creating a product and bam it sells. You need to learn how to get people to see it! However in the short term I would say what you could do is a PPV (pay per view) campaign with somewhere like Lead Impact LeadImpact. You will need to create a landing page though and from your post I can't really tell just how new you are and what you do and don't know how to do - if that makes sense.... PM I will gladly try help you with this. And Ian is right about that mindset - what you believe is what you get :-)
    Who's your favourite coach/mentor: Alex Jeffreys -v- Kenster -v- Stuart Ross?

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    There's this product called "Desperate For Money" by Shawn Casey you should check out. It's real good.
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    Stop what your doing.. there is no future in cocktail recipe making videos.. geez.. I shouldn't have to say that. If you want to focus on digital downloads then you need something with VALUE.. something unique in the world that only you know how to do.. let me say that again.. something that YOU are the only single individual in the world that possess the talent and sophistication to do. If you do not have that then your not dedicated to anything in life and you don't have an informational product. If the product your showing people 'how to build' isn't something they tilt their heads and go WOW.. how did they do that.. then you got nothing. Off the top of my head.. I can give a car a chameleon paint job for $ a $600 shelving system with $32.. turn a $99 saw and $23 in wood into a $300 a day business and hti positive cashflow within 24 hours.. I can show you how to build amazing framing systems and produce 20x30 pieces of art for under $6.. framed.. and they are amazing looking.. and all of that is BORING stuff to me. I can show you how to build a million dollar company with $0 in your pocket and do it within 90 days.. and I can show that I've done it many times because I have.. people want to know that.. cocktails.. not so much.

    If you like my posts please leave a thanks and message me if you wish for me to follow up with your thread. I enjoy engaging with entrepreneurs and ALWAYS willing to take the time to offer solid answers that you can take to the bank. Internet marketing has made me rich over the last +20 years and this is how I give back to the community for all of those evil popunders I used to sling in the 90s.

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