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by dh5114
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I'm kinda new here, but I've had my minute of "aaahhhh" moment and it's about writing great reviews that will pull reader in.

I've tried many techniques, but this one was the easiest and quickest to show results.

Here's what I do:

I go to local library and look for any kind of bestseller books. Really, any kind. It just have to sell well. Then I look at the backside of covers and in 99% there's a review of this book.

Now, you can just rewrite that review using the terms and words from your niche. I found that reviews I've written like this attracts more visitors and more clicks.

Here's two examples - one of my own and one done like described above:

1. Dog Food Secrets Review (dog-food-secrets.review-labs.com)
This is done entirely by me, using my own words. No outside help.

2. Secrets To Dog Training Review (secrets-to-dog-training.review-labs.com)
This one is rewritten and reworded review from one of the bestsellers.

Can you see the difference? The latter attracts far more clicks then the first one.

So, this is just my $0,02. I've learned so much from this forums and I'd just like to say thanks!

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