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Yes you need to be taking 'consistent' action building your business every day. Now my question to you is how often do you 'take' action and for how long?
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    it's one of the hardest part..
    But i just done one of my action today: Joined 1 giveaway event run by one of the warrior. Hope the other actions is done too
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      To start taking action is easy,
      to take the right action needs deep thinking,
      to continue taking the right action in the same direction without distracting with another action opportunities is a challenge
      ...for me.
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      How long depends on my goals for the day. I make sure I take breaks but work until the task I want to accomplish is finished. Of course, I hit snags along the way but consistency, though difficult, is the way to get things done even if the work is broken up in parts.

      Not sure if this is what you wanted when you asked the question. If not, let me know and I will clarify.
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    I have a daily routine that allows me to only work mornings. 60+ sites with only five that are not on auto pilot. Check Google stats first, open all sites once to verify they have not blown up. Check Adsense earnings and books sales and finally I write one or two articles and schedule them for posting.

    Thats every day of the week. Then I have all afternoon to screw off with the grandkids.
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    I start with a plan of what I want to achieve each month and then break that down by day to help ensure I keep on track. I don't stick to the plan always but it helps to keep me on track. So, I take daily action - the action I take depends on what i am striving for.
    How long and how much action depends on what you want to achieve and where you are starting from.
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    You shouldn't just take any actions, you need to take INSPIRED actions. Simply taking actions will be counter productive as you may take the wrong actions and then spend time and money to correct them later.

    If not sure, wait and ponder. When you feel the impulse to action, then take massive actions.

    Taking inspired action feels good and excites you. You simply cannot stop yourself, LOL
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    It is true that the right action has to be taken but so many people fall flat just by sitting back and thinking or dreaming. Often the pause can come from failing but that is a great source of success.

    Learning from your mistakes and keep going will allow you to build success.
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    Originally Posted by Rory Singh View Post

    Yes you need to be taking 'consistent' action building your business every day. Now my question to you is how often do you 'take' action and for how long?

    Hi Rory, I am into niche marketing.

    Meaning that I don't make money just from internet marketing but from other niches as well such as health, self-development and physical products as well from Amazon.

    I usually take action everyday and give myself 1-2 months to finish my campaign.

    This is what I do step-by-step:

    1. Market and keyword research as finding profitable products or products that are not yet released but going to sell well as well as keywords with at least 1000 searches, low competition and fair no of PPC ads on right hand side of search results.

    2. Content creation based on 20-30 keywords I gathered related to the products I want to promote. This is where I create articles and reviews. In fact this is the most time-consuming part so I will certainly outsource eventually.

    3. Installing and uploading my site either through XSitePro or Wordpress. Normally I used XSitePro to create info products review sites while Wordpress is for my e-commerce review sites.

    4. Driving traffic using article marketing, blogging 2.0, bookmarking, classified advertising, directory submissions, PDF documents sharing, press releases and video sharing sites like Youtube.

    5. Create an optin form on my site for list building and email marketing using Aweber.
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    Thanks guys for all of your replies. I myself spend no more than a few hours per day doing the same thing everyday - creating content based around network marketing.

    I do not do ten different things but only focus on 'one' specific thing.

    Thank you
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    I dont do much. I mainly just post on my blog, participate here on warrior forum, and run more ads. Takes no more than 20 minutes a day. Then i'm done.
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      A very helpful exercise is to honestly look at all your marketing actions throughout any given day (your routine) and put every action into one (and only one) category of two possibilities . . . either it directly leads to making income or it indirectly leads to income.

      Direct actions are things like driving more traffic to an offer, working on a product to sell, doing a joint venture, etc.

      Indirect actions are tasks like answering emails, surfing to find a new web template, posting in this forum, etc.

      You can spend time on whatever you like as the business owner, but the actions directly leading to bringing in money should be your top priority and where you spend the bulk of your time.

      The very best to you all,


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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