Domain name for niche... insights needed

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I've selected a 'keyword rich' domain:
Brand name:
Which would you recommend? Constructive advice needed.
Here's the site if it helps:
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    Use for your main site and have as a secondary site that funnels traffic to your main site.
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    I would go with the branding one
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    I would go with MakeMeTaller too. In my opinion, the smaller domain name, the better.

    My English is not good but if it can help, these domain names are also available:
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    I would go with it gives you more options and it could be the name of a product if you want to release one later.
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    You want a domain name that's catchy that people are going to remember. The shorter the better.

    I like some of the suggestions Greenville mentioned above. You could even throw a number in there if you wanted (2 instead of to,4 instead of for,etc) so you can shorten it up a bit.
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    I personally prefer working with a short brandable domain. The 2nd one is better in my opinion but you know what they say about opinions. Like others have suggested use the second domain as your main domain with the other as your second traffic machine into that site.
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  • Profile picture of the author GforceSage is easier to remember.

    Are you selling elevator shoes or stretching people on the rack.
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    Domains you can brand are definitely stronger.

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  • Profile picture of the author Ben Scott Jr is much better. Easier to remember, brandable, and I could remember it by hearing it or seeing it.
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  • Profile picture of the author brettb Embiggen is pretty memorable after that Simpsons episode.

    I'm assuming you're wanting to sell the ClickBank book growtaller4idiots or whatever it's called.
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    Go with the 'brand' name as opposed to the descriptive name. There's very few descriptively named companies on the Internet that have really succeeded - you could argue Facebook is descriptive in the literal sense however it's also a very good brand name.

    Obviously going the brand route means you will have to Market harder however it also gives you the best shot at a larger audience/market.
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    Forget EMD's (exact match domains). Think branding. Be memorable and forget the keywords in the domain name. Something like or something else from purely branding perspective.
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      personally i prefer brandable domain name. a short (5-7 words), pronounceable & memorable one would be best....go with the brandable one....or try
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  • Have you considered keyword research to see what keywords they are searching for?

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    Banned sounds like a winner to me!
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    Thanks guys.
    I've chosen was actually very expensive, like $2,700...
    Hope it's still OK.
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