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About a year ago I created a product (a 'how to guide' guide and 4 supporting videos) and launched a couple a couple of WSO's.

Shortly after I was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and consequently have not marketed the product properly).

During my chemotherapy treatment 2 Warrior affiliates ran with the products and had some success with it.

Their comments . . . and one of the comments this month said:

"Will continue to promote as it's good consistant seller"

Another affiliate said that it was, "A popular product"

I have purchased a domain but it is not in use. But I do have JVzoo sales stats that will support the sale of the product.

Although I am now through my main chemotherapy treatment (3 monthly maintenance chemo is now needed beginning mid December ), I really do not have the energy or brain power to much justice to the product and was wondering what the best way was to sell on the solo rights to the product.

I also could do with the cash as the cancer has left a gaping hole in mmy finances.

Many thanks
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    Sorry to hear of your health problems Kevin and I don't know how much help I can be having not really sold the rights to a product like this myself.

    The only comparison I can make would be with an expensive domain I purchased a while back - I used escrow (dot com) so that I could be sure that the domain was in my possession before the funds were released to the seller. I'd highly recommend you do the same as a starting point.

    Other than that, can JVZOO transfer the product over to a new vendor's account - I'd contact them to find out.

    Then I'd either try Flippa or maybe delve into some of the JV Facebook groups where all the major product vendors hang out and see if anyone would like to buy it there.

    Hope that helps.

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    Sorry to hear your case, I know a number of people in the same boat as you - head up dude, it gets better

    If you really want to sell it quick, the first thing I would do is talk to your affiliates and ask them if they want to take it on. Then I would ask my customers. It's just quicker and easier that way sometimes.

    Then I would use more traditional channels like Flippa et al.

    It's losing money if you are not promoting it, so if you have made up your mind, sell it quick
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    Try to find a jv in the warrior-joint-ventures forum

    Many health sir.
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