Craiglist Marketing Software (Does This Exist)?

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Hi Warriors:

To those that celebrate a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

A few questions please if the following software exists for Craigslist and if so any recommendations and what are the prices?

It is possible that there would be software to not only post to multiple Craigslist cities with the click of a few buttons but in addition:

Letting you pre-load different titles (Houston has a different one then New York)
Pre-load different text for different cities
Pre-load different emails for each city
Change the I.P. for each city

I would think those features are imperative because even if you could post to a 1000 places if the I.P./title/contents/email are the same wouldn't that defeat the purpose?

While a Virtual Private Network could be used for the I.P. it still leaves you with a long manual process be it for Craigslist/Back Page/etc.

If this exists is it updated so as the classified sites make changes it keeps up with them?

Thank you for your time as always.
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    Try CLAD Genius. It is an auto poster for CL and Backpage. You can create a lot of ads and it also acts like a spinner, it will create a new ad for you depends on the ads you create.


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      Hi Mike:

      Thank you for the quick response and suggestion.

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    Hi Craig,

    If you are still looking you can check out my signature link as there may be a few pieces of software that may fit what you are looking for that I have created for my own marketing needs that I sell as well.

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      Hi Sean:

      Thank you for the information.

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