How do you organize your Email List?

by mguy
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At the moment I just have it in notepad. I'm going to transfer it to excel.

How do you guys organize yours?
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    I use Aweber

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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    Organized thus in Autoresponder:

    repeat buyers
    high-ticket buyers
    removed-for-not-buying :p

    Two back-ups one in OO spreadsheet one in notepad.exe one.
    Several offline back-ups of back-ups...just in case.

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    I organize it in Aweber, freebie list based on the offer they subscribed to, then a buyer list, oto buyer list and high ticket buyer list.
    I also have an "update list" so when affiliates sell my product the buyers can sub into a link in my products to receive any and all updates.
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    Microsoft Outlook Express and Excel is most convenient. But before sending out emails to your list, contact your hosting provider and learn about the hourly limitation. Else you're site will be blocked for spamming. But if you have VPS or Dedicated services, there shouldn't be any limitation.
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    I manage them in autoresponder I use, it's very easy and simple. It's getresponse, name every list according to the campaign and when sending offers mark the lists you want to send offers.
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    I use SendReach, Aweber, PureLeverage and ProfitAutomation
    since I've set up accounts at all 4 over the years, and keeping
    all 4 lets me do a lot of testing and comparing.

    My favorite is SendReach because of the list segmentation.

    I can send based not just upon which autoresponder they are
    on at SendReach, but can also send only to subscribers based
    upon factors such location, gender, etc.


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    Originally Posted by mguy View Post

    At the moment I just have it in notepad. I'm going to transfer it to excel.

    How do you guys organize yours?
    I have my Email address list in Excel. When I'm ready to email my list, I use an email extractor to copy and paste the Email addresses into my Gmail and then I send them out.

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    I don't personally organize anything.

    I have a list, I feed that list with new subscribers all the time, and then let my pre-loaded messages do all the follow ups and selling for me. That works well for me and has been for years now.

    Once people join my business, I don't even take them off the list or put them on a BUYERS list.
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