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I'm having a bit of trouble with Kunaki. I'm editing on fcpx and exporting as a DVD but when it comes to the Kunaki software on PC it is saying Tray Eject, i looked in to the FAQ's and its pretty basic help just said that it's not mastered properly. Does anyone know how to master the dvd properly for Kunaki on Mac? Or is there a PC option?
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  • Kunaki only copies the CD or DVD as it is, if it works on a CD or DVD player it will work on Kunaki, I have done a bunch once I get it to play on my player (CD or DVD) then I never had a problem with the Kunaki software uploading it. However I did have a problem with making the computer version where it was not compatible and how I solved is getting a different version of DVD and different software and that fixed the problem.
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      Thanks for getting back to me. Yeah thats the weird thing as it works on my DVD player and PC,Mac. Coz it uploads to 85% then just says tray ejected on the pc laptop I'm using. maybe that is the problem, that i'm on a PC laptop?
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  • Burn it with a 3 or 4 software there are a bunch that are free one will work I solved it that way PM me if you cant fix it can help you get his thing going I use Kunaki and I do it on a mac and software doesn't work on Mac so it can be done
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