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Do you think article spinning is a good idea?
For affiliate websites you can just take a few articles spin them around then syndicate feed it to the blog.

Reviews can be taken from several sites and spin it to make it unique.
Do you think it is a good idea or is it better off hiring a copywriter to write articles etc..
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    Copywriter is more convert for affiliate reviews. I rather like convert your article into different formats like: pdf, video, pad, etc than just syndicate spinning reviews.
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    Originally Posted by alvinhy View Post

    Do you think article spinning is a good idea?
    No, it's not a good idea.

    Original, valuable content is what your subscribers want. And don't make the mistake of believing that spinning is what the search engines want.

    Articles should be written for your audience. All you have to do is ask yourself . . . which would you rather read? Do you prefer original, valuable and timely content? I do.


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      If you intend to get traffic from seo and want to build a long time business- don't spin.

      If you have your traffic Source (not from google) and you just need Content or if it a short time affiliate website-it will make the jobs..
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    Article spinning is almost dead. You need to do something more than spinning to get link juice
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    I find it easier to manually edit or create articles instead of using a spinner. The article would have a better quality than those that are spun.


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    It will take almost the same time manually spinning an article and writing a unique one. So write a unique content instead of spinning. Having a unique and well written post will enhance credibility among the readers, aside from getting SEO benefits.
    Are you looking for a Professional Content Writer
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    Thanks for the heads up. I almost got sucked into buying one of those article spinners.
    I think it would be better if I found multiple articles and change them to my own words? would that work?
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    NEVER spin articles. The quality will be poor and you'll lose credibility. Either buy original content or get it rewritten. The latter, if done properly, will pretty much give you a new article.

    I can spot spun content a mile away and I will leave the site and move on.
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