here's what I've learnt over the last 3 years as an affiliate marketer

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I was sold into affiliate marketing expecting to get super rich really quick and then live the good life and site around banking my clickbank cheques...

I didn't expect it was going to be easy. I was prepared to work hard, and I did, but it took a long time before I started to see rewards - I gave up twice and tried loads of different ways of making money before I got onto a system that has worked for me and consequently I haven't worked for an employer for the past 17 months - except for a friend of mine I help out occasionally...

Anyway, here's some advice if you're starting out.

When you start out it's an incredibly confusing world. There's so much bloody jargon to learn it's basically one big headache filtering through pages and pages of information. Every single person you talk to has their own theory and system of the best way to make money - and all of them can potentially work.

While it's true that all the information you could ever need is available for free on forums (especially this one - it's the best), I recommend paying for a reputable online program and following it through to the letter until you have made at least one sale - that first one really is the hardest.

This will save you hours trawling through google and various forums trying to piece it all together and a good training program should't cost you more than a hundred bucks.

This brings me to my second piece of advice - you got to spend money to make money. Don't be afraid to spend money on outsourcing some of the work that you aren't good at. Nobody can be an expert at everything. Find your skill that you ENJOY and concentrate on that.

If you're a writer then write and then get somebody else to design your graphics and wordpress page. If you're good at videos then concentrate on making videos and pay someone else to write your articles - you get the picture.

Most importantly have fun. It sounds cliche but it really is the key. You'll learn a thousand times faster if you're doing something you enjoy and whats more you'll be able to stick to it way easier than if you hate something.

Post below if you've got anything to add.
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    Hear hear!

    Great advice, I might copy the link to your post and just paste it all over the place for newbies :-)
    Who's your favourite coach/mentor: Alex Jeffreys -v- Kenster -v- Stuart Ross?

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    Great advice..
    I think every affiliate starter shiuld read this post
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      Thanks for the advice! I'm working on this now. Was there a program that you used that you found particularly helpful, or did you mostly learn through trial and error assembling pieces of free info!

      Also, are you monetizing primarily with CB or Amazon or something else? Again, thanks for sharing!
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