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Just curious as to how many people here are using accountability partners to help them stay on task?

If you are using an accountability partner how often do you communicate and how do you communicate?
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    Never heard of this 'accountability partner' term before. Do tell what you meant by it.
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    I don't have one, but I know people who do.

    You're only an idiot if you think you need one and you don't get one. Everyone has their own issues with getting started or operating online. Know yours, overcome it.
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    I think if you need an accountability partner then you don't want this badly enough. Try writing down what you actually want in life, what is your vision? I know I do not need to be accountable to anyone. I am so excited about what my future holds that all I want to do is keep working at it.

    In saying that someone did ask me to be their accountability partner and I agreed. All I do is email her every now and again and tell her where I am at and what I am doing etc. For me it's just nice to share in the journey rather than needing that person to keep me motivated and make me take action.
    Who's your favourite coach/mentor: Alex Jeffreys -v- Kenster -v- Stuart Ross?

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    Just looking at this issue as I have heard it and saw a course on it on Udemy. I was just curious as to whether anyone was doing it.

    Some people need that little nudge to keep them motivated and on course to meet their goals so it is not that the person is dumb just kind of lost as to where they should be and how to move forward. Saying the person who needs help is dumb and not motivated is the same as saying no one should buy a program to help them learn or use a coach to move forward.

    Many people use coaches and courses and have other internet marketers that help them out and guide them. Everyone needs to start someplace and needs help at times. That is why this forum has so many members. They are looking for help in some aspect of their career.

    David K. Snyder, And which guru said that you could do this without working at it?

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    I know two VERY successful marketers who have been doing this type of accountability for years. Each day, they write down 4 small things they want to accomplish that particular day and email them to each other. This helps keep them on task and moving forward while avoiding distractions.

    I communicate with a fellow marketer practically everyday for the past 3 years and it has been great for my business. For me, it has nothing to do with "not wanting it bad enough", I don't consider myself a weak person, and I do very well for myself in terms of income.

    This has everything to do with having someone there to see your small achievements, give encouragement, and getting feedback

    After you've been doing this for years, things tend to get old if you don't have another person to share experiences with, it's easy to get burnt out.

    I'm also a very competitive person, so for me, I like the challenge of one upping someone else. It keeps me driven...
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    Chris30K I agree there are many of the more successful marketers who use others as a sounding board and to help them meet their goals. Most of the most successful marketers also have a team that they work with. When you are doing large volumes of business it is very difficult to do it all yourself. Therefore you add people that can make life easier and help you progress along the line you have set for yourself.

    David K. Snyder, And which guru said that you could do this without working at it?

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    We have an accountability group on FB for the Kindling members -- and others -- who are making the transition into writing original fiction.

    When starting a new and often frightening venture like fiction, daily accountability can be extremely motivating.

    Like most successful behavior, it can take time to build the proper habits...

    If anyone is interested in joining us, please PM me ;-)
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