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Hey Warriors!

After so many problems, I finally set up everything as good as I am able to do and started my first campaign yesterday. Well, it doesnt work that well, but I have to idea where I make that mistake. Maybe you guys can help me!

I promote a product in the dating niche.
Here I have my first landing-page: Landing Goldfish

So after I got the page up, I wanted to get PPC traffic from adknowledge.com, which didnt work, because the minimum deposit is 1000$, so I decided to go to 7search.com and get some PPC over there.
Keywords (everywhere topranked with 0.15$ bid on every click):
word /clicks
dating 99
dating site 12
free online dating site 0
dating online 2
dating web site 0
online dating free 0
pickup line 0
overall cost: 17.40$

Through this I got 3 subscribers and 0 conversions. Well, I always read about these numbers about conversions, people who subscribe etc. And these numbers are totally different and I definitly think, I am doing something wrong.

Maybe someone can help me!

Thanks alot,
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  • Let me tell you what I see as big problem, before i say it i'll share with you what I have observed about human on this planet while sharing the planet with them, most don't care about anything but themselves and most want the what they want and they want it now and they have very very very little patience.

    That being said what does it mean to your landing page?

    In my opinion you got about 3 seconds (and I'm probably being to nice towards you) to tell our fellow humans what's in it for them.

    Maybe Im slow and maybe I'm stupid but in 3 seconds I don't get it what's in it for me.

    I noticed my best landing pages are simple usually get the point quickly across.

    I didn't mean to insult you or anything you asked for help my thinking is to simplify the landing page get across in a few seconds the single most important point in headline and imagry! Good luck.
    soon people... Relax...
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    I am not 100 percent sure, it could be the traffic source, but looking at your landing page, I see a couple of things that might be causing the non-sign-ups.

    The page is cute, not masculine, with the colors, the font and the graphics, it looks more like teen age girl site than a man trying to get girls to go out with him.

    The wording is a little stiff, not horrible, just a bit off grammatically.

    I see 7 tips in the email but that doesn't match the number of bullet points where the checkmarks are. I think these are different things, but it seems that the number should be associated with the bullet points.

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    Thanks for your help! As I said, this is the best I can provide for myself at the moment and now I am clueless and need help. There is no insulting in helping - you just give value.

    So your opinion is, that someone isnt able to see the "main" point of the page and what they are getting from it? Can you specify it? Which part of the page is the main problem - headline bad, bad copy, maybe layout?
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    Here's my $0.02:

    1. Is this about finding romance or getting laid? your first pink box seems confusing...are you teaching people how to hook up with random women for "adventurous sex" or are you trying to get your "crush" to like you back?

    2. Same thing goes for your bullet points. Are you trying to get out of the friendzone with 1 particular girl you like, or just want women to buy you drinks at the bar and chase you and rip your clothes off?

    All told, your message is confusing.

    As JMichaelZ mentioned, your color scheme and clip art seem to indicate a frilly woman oriented dating niche, but this is obviously about guys.

    That is not the correct usage of the word "scarcity".

    You need some better copy overall and a proper theme for what your male visitors are after...crazy wild sex with bar women, or defeating the friend zone and getting the girl you want.
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    Okay awesome. Thanks for that advice! I directly tried to implement all your points into the site as good as I could do.

    Landing Goldfish

    Check out the results! I did not changed the overall theme yet. The page was made by a webdesigner and I have absolutly no clue how he did that. Is that theme completly wrong? If someone clicks on my PPC Add

    Get Girls Without Trying
    Frustrated of not being one of those guys who gets laid all the times? Discover the secrets used by men who effortlessly attract women without even looking good.

    they should know that it is all about guys getting girls, isnt it?

    My day2 is almost closed now.
    Results 'til now:

    Clicks: 154 (my site wasn't up until the 40th click through lettermistake in the html)
    Subscriber: 5
    Cost: 21$
    Sales: 0

    If someone got constructive critique, I am open for everything!

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