Stop looking for this "untapped niche"

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This is dumb. I don't understand why people are just looking for an untapped niche that can easily be exploited.

You're looking for this untapped niche because you're looking for easy money.

You're never going to find it. If there's profit, there's competitors.

You can be the King of the niche: "How to prevent forest fires in the Desert"

And you're not going to make much.


Just pick a niche, find a problem in which people are are willing to pay for the solution!

If you find a huge pain in the massively competitive make money online niche

Then solve it and get paid!

Dont just limit yourself to blogs/info products.
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    If you stay on top of trends, there's bound to be some area that a trained marketer can identify as possibly having potential. Niches and markets are always subdividing, creating openings for specialists and perceptions of higher quality from those specializing and it's the only way to solidly position yourself (by being first). Once someone has solved the problem of how to stay profitable in very active niches, then they might want to allocate some time, money and resources into some 'experiments' on the response of these new trending markets. It's good to set some guidelines for yourself and compare a list of options for the most likely to succeed and not just wander looking for a loophole that everyone else missed. A kind of mental trap if you ask me ;-)

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      You seem upset :rolleyes:

      But yeah, I get what you mean. Too many people looking for the easy way out. Untapped niches don't really exist in my opinion. Untapped keywords for specific niches do though
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