Creating a Membership Dashboard?

by art72
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While I have been researching membership plugins compatible with WordPress, I am leaning towards using S2Member w/Optimize Press.

Curious to know if it's possible to create a member dashboard that will track each members click through rates, sales, commission reports, etc... and allow them to see their results in their dashboard?

Not unlike a typical affiliate platform uses like Clickbank, but automatically maintaining the members level of commission and display proper earnings.

I want to offer (3) levels of membership, whereby depending on the level a member buys in at, that will reflect the % commission they'll earn.

For example:

Level I. - ($97) Member earns 50%
Level II. - ($249) Member earns 75%
Level III. - ($497) Member earns 100%

Is there an easy way (through a unique member I.D. maybe) to track each members stats and allocate the proper commissions and display 'reports' based on the members level being either 50% - 75% - or 100% payout?

The idea was to make it affordable at level I, and still profitable to encourage members to upgrade. Being I am not a 'programmer' kinda stumped on this one?


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