article directories and affiliate program does it still work?

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i`m promoting a product,

which is more efficient, to post it on article directories or at my own site?

i dont have too much visitors to my site after google panda and other updates.

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    If you want to promote a product, then why don't you try ? It's much easier and you can get lots n lots of visitors to your lens. Promoting a product on a site with less visitors is a bad idea !! Go with Squidoo.

    All the best !
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    I would do it both. Post it on your website and article directories. Its a little more work but you will earn more.
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  • Post it on your site, wait till it is indexed, then post it into article directories. In addition, see if you can get other sites in your niche to syndicate your content (with a link of course).

    Article directories are NOT good for getting you direct traffic OR for SEO. They are only useful (and then only slightly useful) for finding people who will post your article on their site, which is where the high quality traffic comes from.

    It seems you've bought into the common misunderstanding of how to use article directories. I'd highly recommend you take some time to research and learn more about how they are actually supposed to work, and then take advantage of that.

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      Originally Posted by Michael Levanduski View Post

      Post it on your site, wait till it is indexed, then post it into article directories.

      I wonder what article directories will accept those posts. Popular directories will only approve unique articles not posted elsewhere. It is best to submit unique articles in article directories.
      Are you looking for a Professional Content Writer
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    Article directories are a thing of the past. I would not use an AD as a tier 1 link at all. Tier 2 and below I would but that wont per say bring traffic to your site. Sell your product on your own site. If it starts to sell well then open it up so other affiliate marketers can help you sell it.
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    I would probably be doing both.. With good SEO, you'll have two ways to get traffic.. But if you choose between the two of which is better, if you're a starter and is promoting a product, it's better for you to get traffic from article directories, BUT! Of course it is still important to make on your own website as well. My reason why is that there's already a good traffic from article directories compared to your website that's newly made, so fast-wise, you'd better of get traffic from those people infested websites already.
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