What do you think is the hardest part of starting a completely new project?

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- Finding a niche
- Setting up a basic website
- Getting traffic
- Planning your monetization strategy

Just wondering what y'all think is the hardest part of all this. If you look at someone like Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income...he has the ability to start completely from scratch with no following, and then start earning steady monthly income in a few months.

He simply knows how to successfully build passive income generating systems. He knows how to "see" what steps to take and what will result in profit.

Many newbies may feel like they are shooting in the dark even though they may have the ability to create a website, generate decent traffic, etc...

So in starting up a new project what do you personally find to be the most challenging step?
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    Traffic is the most important part.
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      Originally Posted by mrrightme View Post

      Traffic is the most important part.
      Agreed. But do you think it's the hardest part of the process?
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    The hardest part is parting with your hard earned cash in order to start on a new venture that you do not know the outcome of as yet, that is if your new venture will be a success or a complete failure.
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