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Hi Warriors,

Im curious as to how to go about creating my signature at the end of salespages and ebooks etc.

Ive seen some very cool looking ones, and they look much better than just a printed name at the end of a long salesletter.

So, how do you make them ?

Look forward to hearing from you all.


Scott Allan
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    Hey Scott.

    Are you wanting your "REAL" signature as you sign your name normally, just a "REAL" looking signature that appears that someone with great handwriting signed, or just some handwriting looking font?

    As for your real signature, just sign your name on a blank piece of paper, scan it in, crop it as close to your signature as you can, and make it a picture that you can insert just like any other picture on your sales page. I used to do this a lot on sales letters that we were mailing out so that the person we were mailing for didn't have to physically sign everyone of those letters (sometimes in the 1,000's).

    If you just want a good looking signature, find someone that does crafts or calligraphy and have them sign your name in their best looking script look. Then scan it as noted above and use it as noted above. Michael's or some other craft store could probably recommend one of their good customers (or maybe even one of their instructors) for this and you would probably be very satisfied with the results.

    Years ago, I had a software that you could import the characters of the alphabet into after writing them on a graphical chart and when you typed, it appeared in your handwriting. That looks cool, but I was never really satisfied with the results. The people that I did that for were extremely pleased though. I can't remember any of those programs at this time, but I'm sure there are several still out there.

    Finally, you could choose one of the script or handwriting fonts that are available in some of the programs that we use every day. I personally use Bradley Hand for a lot of stuff because it looks very much like a good handwriting.

    Hope this helps to give you some ideas.

    James Dunn
    Athens, GA

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    Don't worry about your sig, if the copy above it really sells, that's the last thing to worry about. You can do a scan, a handwritten font, people don't really care about the sig, they care about about what you have to say.

    Need Help? GeorgeSepich.com Digital Marketing Solutions From George Sepich.

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      Jimbo and George,

      Thanks very much for your feedback.
      I cant believe I didnt think of something as simple as scanning my own signature (duh)

      and George...
      You are 100% right of course, quality content is king, if you dont have that right nothing else matters.

      Stuff n Junk

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    Open publisher, create a text box, choose a handwriting font and type your name.

    Right click the frame of the text box, choose 'save as picture'.

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    There are a couple of free web-based services which generates the signature from a text using a signature font , size and gradient that you choose .. forgot the URL , think i found it by googling for free online signature.
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      Thanks Jay.

      I just checked out google using that search term you suggested and found a cool site.


      Stuff n Junk

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    I use the font method because it would make me nervous to have my real signature floating around out there.


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