How many of us use a backup to Paypal - which one?

by Jekiko Banned
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I have set up my payment buttons and I am only using paypal
at present but am thinking about having a seconadry method incase
I run into problems with paypal sometime.

What do you think ?
Is it necessary to have a secondary payment processor?
A good idea - but too much hassle?
A bad idea - may loose sales if pople have to choose how to pay?

Which processor(s) do you use ?

I have seen on this forum that some warriors use:

Thanks for your input
#backup #paypal
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    Yes, I certainly think it's a good idea to have a backup to PayPal. I have as a backup to my US Dollar sites and Nochex as a backup to my British Pounds site.
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      Thanks for your replies,

      spearce000 - You mentioned in your post that you use a back up
      payment to paypal.

      I checked your profile for a website but couldn't see one. So I can see how you have implemented this can you PM my your websites.

      You never know I might buy something


      I PM'ed the same question in case it is against the rules for you to post your urls here. Please pm me back.
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