What is Press Release (PR) ?

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I understand what is press release in the real world, you call medias and they come to one place and then talk about your product promoting it. But can't understand what is PR in Internet Marketing.

I saw bunch of PR offers on Fiverr, and I don't understand how it is done.

What is PR, how it is done?
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    Press release is all about the writing about the latest news about your service through which people gets aware about what is new in your service and in the SEO point of view it helps in link building.
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    A press release, or news release, is just a news announcement you send out to media - by fax, by email, or online. It's a good way of generating publicity. You may find this site helpful: Press Releases + Publicity - press releases and publicity

    The initials "PR" are also refer to a score that Google gives sites (the higher PR the better) - this is nothing to do with press releases though. In the past, getting links from high PR sites was a good way to push your own website up the search engine rankings (and higher listings mean more free traffic from Google). Today, Google has changed things, and the question of getting up the rankings is a much more complicated issue.

    Without knowing which post or gig you are referring to, it's hard to be more specific. HTH
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    Most of the time when someone is offering a Press Release on fiverr they are saying the content. If you need a how to video on submitting Press Releases this explains a lot

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    Originally Posted by SpaceSerbian View Post

    But can't understand what is PR in Internet Marketing.
    It is mostly a SEO thing. And a marketing thing - free advertising. Nobody, in this world of almost 7,000,000,000, cares about most of the PRs IMers throw out there, 'cause it ain't news. Google's algo pays attention to everywhere your business/website is mentioned on da net, however.

    Don't know if their effectiveness will last, though. Don't think they are as effective for SEO as they used to be, either. Google considers them ad/spam, and an update in August confirmed this ...
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