What will you do in 2014?

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I know that the new year is fast coming upon us, and with every new year comes a chance to reflect and set new goals. I've been a member (and a lurker) of this forum for over 3 years. It is a great forum with lots of great people and good advice. Yet every year the same recurring themes come up (not necessarily from the same posters).

"Is it possible to make (x) doing (x)?"
"How much are you making?"
"IM is hard"
Etc etc.

In the spirit of innovation, I want this to be a thread where people can say and define exactly what they plan on doing (an attainable reasonable goal) in the year 2014, and then look back upon it and measure themselves against their own declaration and see how far they've truly gotten.

My declaration for 2014:

I will start my SaaS business that I've been planning for over 2 years and get it to at least 500 monthly subscribers.

Next year, in 2015 I will look back upon this post and see how far I've come in my goal!

What about you? Post them below.
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    Be more consistant.

    That is my whole plan for 2014. The strategies are already there, but this is one thing that has hurt me over the years.

    Jeff Mitchell

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    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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    Mine would be to
    #1 Be able to truly help clients be successful on Kindle through services I offer
    #2 Be able to write at least 30 more of my own books for Kindle
    #3 Be able to completely leave my day job and more than replace my income from what I do online
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    Same thing as this year.... except more customers, more repeat sales, and more paid advertising.
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    2014? For me...
    No more "learning" wso for me.
    No more bright shiny object.
    No more WSO to buy.
    No more Clicbank product, jvzoo or what-so-ever which promote to "NEW" way on making money online.

    I am tired becoming a buyer!!!
    I want to sales, make a sales and keep selling on 2014
    Take action, take action and keep take action!

    Maybe i buy a software which help me design website, design graphic or something that helps in my action.

    No more waste money in wso. Better use that money to get more traffic.

    A whole new spirit next year. I can do it.
    Let's do it guys!
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    There is already a busier thread for this.

    See post #3 and go there.
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