Core skills for most online businesses

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Hi if you are brand new or are a seasoned marketer online you would have to agree with me that not not having a plan for you online business is same as planning to fail on your online business. For an online business you would need to learn and master a few core skills, they may include the following:

1)Placing ads in ezines
2)Publishing to your blog
3)Creating joint ventures
4)Writing articles for other websites
5)Writing special reports^
6)Creating a follow up system
7)Teaching & training your downline
8)Learning core business skills
9)Creating your own product
10)Managing pay per click listings
11)Researching your target market
12)Identifying important keywords
13)Writing an eBook
14)Improving your search engine positioning
15)Doing things to automate routine tasks

My friend there is no lack of information on HOW to do these things. It's just that most of us don't do them.I would advice decide which core skills you would need in your primary business and draw up a plan for your future.

See you at the Top!!!

NB: if you have challenges with any of these core skills shoot me a message and I will do my best to enlighten you....
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