What are the best and most effective ways of building backlinks?

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What are the best and most effective ways of building backlinks to my website? Any suggestions and/or comments?
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    Fill your site with excellent, relevant and engaging original content that your audience craves. Allow them to post that content on their site or blog with attribution back to your site. It not only gives you links, but it encourages return visits by people in the niche who beg more of the same.


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    Hi, Google has become very strict with the kind of backlinks you may build to your website directly. I'm not going to explain exactly how to do each method be here goes:

    1. Write 3 different unique articles, then spin each one so that it still reads grammatically correct. Then post each one to 10 web2.0 websites for a total of 30. Use a very diverse anchor text profile. If you are paranoid don't use optimized anchor text although Google's states that it's only against their guidelines to do it on a large scale.

    2. Do 100 blog comments with half of them on high pr pages.

    3. Write a title and description for social bookmarking then spin it same as the articles, submit to the top 100 sb sites(took me allot of time to find 100 pr 3+ that atually work)

    4. Write a press release and submit it to the top 50 sites. Don't use optimized anchor text.

    5. Make a short video with windows movie maker and submit it to Youtube with a link in the description.

    6. Take the 3 spun articles you used for the web2.0's and convert then into PDF's with open office and submit it to the top 10 PDF document sharing sites.

    7. Find the top 5 forums in your niche(if there is none just use internet marketing forums.). Make 10 posts on each with a link in your description, don't use optimized anchor text.

    8. Create an RSS feed for your website and submit it to the top 15 RSS directories.

    9. Remember to index all your backlinks, it's bad if you spend time to build good backlinks and don't get any credit for it.

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    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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