Aweber Down Again?

by zoobie 3 replies
I am pretty upset about aweber service as they always updating their service
at office hours in America!

Well autoresponder is critical to Internet businesses and we as a marketer can really
have zero tolerance of down time. When I want to send a message, the system
says I couldn't find the database! Well, this is crap. Aweber is probably the most expensive
around the market and that provide crap service like this where I do think it is NOT acceptable. If you guys want to fix something with your system, please do it OUTSIDE your office hour.

It is the same with hosting. I don't believe how companies like these make trivial mistake.
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    Aweber is not the only one , CB has the same issues I dont know why they decide to do updates during the busiest time of the day.. I havent have alot of issues with aweber but I do know that aweber is one of the most popular ones besides getresponse I dont think they care they have a huge client base and are growing everyday...
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    Hi Zoobie,

    I've used aweber before but never really paid attention their update times because my list at that time was pretty small.

    I currently use getresponse and I don't have the problem you mentioned.

    What about other aweber users?
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    Hmm? I just noticed something since I read this post. Several lists I'm on came in late.... like anywhere from 1 to 3 days! 3 days ago I got a message to attend a call that ended 2 days prior. LOL! They had the aweber email on the bottom.


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