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I was wondering of any program/product/tips that you guys know of that will help me in the process of writing a book?
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    Scrivener is a pretty good program so is the Marshall Program. Both can be very useful tools.

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    i use microsoft word to write my ebooks then there is a plugin nitro PDF which converts my word to pdf, works pretty well for me
    Originally Posted by Newbie123 View Post

    I was wondering of any program/product/tips that you guys know of that will help me in the process of writing a book?
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      Writing an ebook?

      Keep in mind some key points;

      1. Niche and market research.

      Research the market to find out if your subject is wanted. Identify a profitable market first, then try to nail down into a submarket/niche. But you'll need to dig and dig deeper.

      For instance, fitness/bodybuilding ---> workout for busy dads

      Look for very difficult problems that have made life miserable.

      These sites will help you with your research(look at the trends);

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      2. Spy your competition and study from them, look at their titles, hooks, what they are selling and REPLICATE offering different solutions. Sell what's already selling!

      3. Familiarize with the "Word Tracker" tool to find out how many times a month people search and look for such a product or information

      4. After you have made the research, start writing your ebook and use tools like Word or Open Office that it is free. After you wrote it convert in PDF

      5. Create an ebook ecover for it. You can use many free software online to create an ecover, but if you want an eye catchy design hire TOP designers to do that

      6. Then the marketing/traffic part which is ESSENTIAL. You'll need to master this aspect, study the "psychology of buying", persuasion techniques...what make people purchase and how to persuade people to buy from you. You'll need to master some aspects, copywriting is one of them.

      Provide something that's easy, like step by step method/plan or solution to a problem.

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    Thanks for the feedback! Im looking some of the 'processes' of writing a book you guys use. brainstorm, outline, organize facts... I have an an idea, just have no idea how to organize it. any tips or products to point me in the right direction?
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      I always write mine in word. After topic selection, I do an outline on what I plan to cover and then I just start writing.

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    Read similar niche books to see what has already been done. That way you won't be trying to write an ebook that has already been written. Try to figure out what information is missing from the ebooks in the niche which you are trying to write. This will give you a unique marketing angle so that you can make this appeal in your sales copy.

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      Write an ad for the book before you write the book. Now you will probably never use the ad but the process you go through in order to come up with selling points make you think like the customer you want to sell it to. You come up with things to put in the book that customers want and then you will be sure to put them in the book when you write it. Conversely you will find yourself leaving things out and decide not to put them in the book. It all makes for a streamlined more salable book when you are done. OK, good luck, Ed.
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    Originally Posted by Newbie123 View Post

    I was wondering of any program/product/tips that you guys know of that will help me in the process of writing a book?

    Everyone adopts a writing technique and refines it over time . . . so the best advice I can give is just do it. Beginning writing and see where it takes you.

    Here is one strategy that works well.

    Some marketers begin with stand alone articles first. Pick one specific topic and research and write about it (1,000-1,500 words or 4-6 pages). Then pick another related topic and do the same. When you have 8-12 articles finished you will have the basis and bulk of a book written. Each article becomes a chapter in the book. Add your transitions and a beginning and ending.

    I find that if I outline the book first before the writing begins, it will make for a better and more logical transition from one subject (chapter) to the next.

    Of course, this is just one way to proceed - there are lots of others.

    The very best to you,


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    I like to write down my working chapter headings first; then do my research. This way I know exactly what I'm looking for and don't waste a lot of time reading material I won't use. My headings often change later; but for me it's a good starting point. Chapters often help solve one particular problem or one aspect of a problem. If you find similar books in Amazon, read the reviews and see what people would like to have seen covered in the book but wasn't. This give you a good idea of what you can add to your book to provide extra value. Rose
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    I would humbly recommend my thesaurus software at jessegilbert.com
    it can help you come up with titles, catchy chapter names and other compelling writing to help you sell more. won't cost you a dime either if you already have MS word on your computer.
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    What are you plans for you book? Do you already have an idea about what you want to write about?

    Here is a way to start, create a outline:


    If you intend to write a 100 page book. Aim at writing 10 pages per chapter.

    Once you do that it becomes more simple. Just fill in the blanks with inspiration.
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