In Search of Autopilot Profits

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The fabled push-button software, set and forget your way to internet profits. I think a lot of internet marketers have looked for such a thing - like Cortez searched for the lost city of gold. Folks say it doesn't exist, and I have to largely agree.

The belief that such a thing could be easily found has kept me from making any real money online. The idea that it could be so easy...

Yet the dream is being sold, still, in the form of tens if not 100's of methods and software every week.

Nevertheless, I think that there is, or at least has been software that has at least come close to what could be called a push-button, autopilot cash machine.

Twt Dominator's 'wait and reply' module comes to mind, Scrapebox in it's heyday, and a few other softwares where/(are) able to turn a profit, if not with a click of a mouse, at least with a bit of savvy and marketing experience.

If anything like that still exists, it's not cheap and it is not easy to find.

This is a no-free-lunch world, no pain, no gain, ya gotta pay, one way or the other...
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