Anyone having success with this technique?

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Hi all,

I'm going to be promoting a product this festive season and was wondering if this technique was a good one. It's for a click bank product.

Facebook Ad -> Review/squeeze page -> click bank product.

If anyone has been having success with this method please let me know

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    Haven't experimented much with Facebook ads....but I have had good success with Youtube videos->Squeeze Page->Clickbank Sales...Do some testing and see how it works out.
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    I have found that it can be hard to get the clickthroughs on facebook ads for them to keep showing your ad...that is unless you bid really high per click. I would like to hear of your success though if it does work. Facebook ads are not super-easy in my experience.
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      I've done Facebook ads directly to a sales letter (CB product) and also to an optin page.

      My results were poor when directing people to the sales letter. I was getting 75 optins a day at one point with FB ads and only got 2 sales a week with the sales letter. I made more sales with the optin because I was selling the eBook via my list.

      One other tip is to embed your optin page as an iframe on an app so people are not directed AWAY from FB. They are more inclined to convert if they remain on Facebook. Of course, all of this should be tested but these are my experiences.
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    It REALLY depends on the market that you're going after. Dudes don't go for Facebook ads and squeeze pages (IMO). But if you've got something that the average stay-at-home mom could go for, you could be looking at a gold mine with the right targeting through FB ads.
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    I've never tried this before. maybe can try the result, backtest for the next few weeks.
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