Successful Marketers! Can You Take Us Through a Standard Day?

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I think a good learning tool for many of us is just to see how your day goes on the regular. Do you workout? Do you build links? What does your regular day look like?
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    1. Workout
    2. Income Producing Activities (blog post, video recording, audio recording)
    3. Marketing (social marketing, link building, video posting, etc)
    4. Self development (audio, book reading)
    5. Learning new marketing techniques
    6. Quality family time

    Get Life You Deserve
    Alan Borcic

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    1. Work out - I always work out before I work because it relaxes me, energizes me, and gets me focused.

    2. Stat checks - I always login to all my accounts to check stats and see how all my projects are performing. Like clickbank, serpfox, WMT, callfire, userstats, etc etc.

    3. Action plan - I make action plans in ms word and print them out, then tac them on my wall by my pc. They are basically all my projects, and what I have to do from beginning to end. I usually alternate projects on different days too. Like one day I'll work on Clickbank, whether its making videos, keyword research, turning on GSA or outsourcing backlinks... another day it'll be my local sites, which is mostly just content generation and conversion optimization. I never mess with SEO for my local sites since its always turned on (outsourced). For clickbank SEO is done differently. Once I get a certain level of ranking and backlinks, I usually shut off SEO and go on to my next project.

    4. Update action plan - Once all my work is done, I check off things, then make updates and changes. Like if I've been working on a project for a certain period of time, and its not profitable, I might scratch it off the list and add a new project. I have no real criteria for all this stuff its all done intuitively.

    5. Live life - Cook food / play with dog / go shopping / read / make music / do yard work / go out and do something / etc etc etc.

    Thats basically it.

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    A successful day in marketing means you have truly helped someone and have made more sales (or at least gotten more people into a funnel of some kind). Those 2 things should go hand in hand. If the business model is solid, it will actually benefit the customer/business (if it's business to business).

    Whether it's in my day job (I work in marketing and consider what I do very successful) or in my own online business, I'm always thinking backwards.

    In order to get people to an end result or a variation of an end result, how can I creatively bring people through a process. After the thought process cause implementation, which can be time consuming. I prefer managing teams/vendors rather than doing all the work myself, but a lot of that has to do with the business model and where you're at in business.

    As far as daily life, I think it's always healthy to have some level of exercise throughout the week. Personally, I lift weights. I've also gotten better about getting more sleep, but marketers tend to be ideas people (so we can have a tough time falling to sleep sometimes). And then there's a need to just take breaks here and there throughout the day. I learned a while back that trying to go, go, go actually makes me less productive.

    I know that's a very general (not specific answer), but hopefully it helps to bring a unique perspective.
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    Wake up
    Turn on laptop/check emails
    Watch positive / motivational videos
    Take care of my priorities 1 by 1
    Work out
    Learn something new / take action
    Relax and prepare for the next day
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    1. Check mails.
    2. Check projects stats.
    3. Start doing new campaigns.
    4. Work out.
    5. Do out some learning videos.
    6. Relax for the day.
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  • Profile picture of the author Joe Benjamin
    #1. Workout

    #2. Practice Guitar

    #3. Map out schedule and goals for the day

    #4. Work diligently to accomplish said goals

    #5. Check email, Skype. Respond to clients
    and make deals

    #6. Market and sale. Market and sale. And
    market and sale some more.

    #7. Outsource work when needed. Collect

    #8. Live Life - Visit family, dating women,
    talking to women, check out meet ups at for daily events to meet new
    people and try new things

    #9. If money spent or made, write it down
    in spreadsheet.

    #10. Study spiritual works, books, bible,
    meditation, etc

    Rinse, wash and repeat.

    Leads to a happy life.

    Notice I don't have anything bout "Warrior
    forum chatting" or browsing the forums….

    …not even in my spare time except now just
    before I'm about to log off, listen to music
    I created and read a good book.

    Have a great night
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    Drink coffee, drink more coffee, read emails, get distracted by internet lol's and cats, read more emails, catch up on facebook, look at forums, make some sales, answer some queries, walk dog, done for day!
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    For me A successful day in marketing is when I will have the satisfaction. Now how, when I will see my customer or client satisfied by the means I have provided to them, then I call that day as my Marketing day.
    Marketing is nothing but adding magic to the business and If my magic will work for my clients, and I can feel their happiness , That is My marketing day.
    Digital Marketing and Automation Agency
    Digital Transformation in Law firms- eDynamic

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    1. Checking my product sales (billing stats).
    2. Checking emails and my support forums.
    3. Providing support to my customers (answering the questions, helping with advices, doing custom coding etc).
    4. Bug fixing, existing and new product development (coding).
    5. Working out.
    6. Checking my self-populated networks, analyzing stats, optimizing etc.
    7. Checking the affiliate earnings, generated by the self-populated sites.
    8. Managing ad companies.
    9. Building and launching at least one new self-populated site daily.
    10. Repeating (2) and (3).
    11. Relaxing.
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    It seems as if everybody who replied works out

    Anyway, I'm not a successful IM. So here's the daily schedule of an UNsuccessful (thus far) IM.

    1. Wake up (duh...)
    2. Check e-mails.
    3. Respond to new orders (if any).
    4. Eat chicken.
    5. Coffee.
    6. More chicken.
    7. More coffee.
    8. Check website traffic stats.
    9. Check list stats.
    10. WarriorForum!!!
    11. Social media (as in, my website's social profile, not my own )
    12. Complete orders (if any).
    13. Create blog post.
    14. Write follow-up messages for e-mail list.
    15. Work on product.
    16. Read other blogs in my niche, comment, build relationships, possibly even guest post.
    17. How about one more round of chicken & coffee?

    Hope this helped...although I'm not sure how it does (apart from saying that UNsuccessful IMs eat a lot of chicken...)

    Chicken Lover.
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    1. Wake up at around 10 o'clock.
    2. Healthy breakfast.
    3. Check how my students are doing and answer their emails.
    4. Lunch
    5. Check my Adwords/Bing campaigns and make some minor tweaks if needed.
    6. Gym + Protein Shakes
    7. Dinner
    8. Doing some hobbies (guitar, singing)
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    1. Wake up
    2. Exercise
    3. Breakfast
    4. Check email and stats
    5. Start work
    6. Shower
    7. Lunch
    8. Watch TV
    9. Go out & walk
    10. Work
    11. Watch TV
    12. Dinner
    13. Watch something on the internet
    14. Sleep
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    Wake up
    Check all my stats
    Special projects
    Chill and relax
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