I have an email list, now what?

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Hello, I got an email list from one of my sites, now what?

Can I sell my list?

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  • It will really depend a lot on how you built the list, how many people are on it, when it was built, what niche it is in, and many other things like that.

    Provide more information, and you may get a better answer.
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    You can sale them products related to your niche.
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    Your list must be from some specific niche, try to sell something really cheap to check their response, then afterwards go for big ones
    And i don;t think it is good to sell your list, you can also try sell clicks which might work out for you, depends upon your list size and activity

    Originally Posted by georgecrane View Post

    Hello, I got an email list from one of my sites, now what?

    Can I sell my list?

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    If you have taken time to build a list, don't sell the list if it is good list, sell something to the list instead.
    You probably know the nature of the list so pick related products and offer them to your list with some bonuses to earn quick money.
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  • Everybody here is talking rubbish. If you built your list with a free gift to get their details, the first question I have is; have you followed up with emails to build a relationship of trust with them in order to build a relationship.

    By all means start selling to them if you want many of them to either never again open your emails or unsubscribe faster than a speeding bullet? Build a relationship with them first and only then recommend some related products which you also use or know are of good quality and do as it says on the tin?

    In other words make sure what you do eventually sell is something you also purchased or very likely would do? After all, why should anyone buy what you didn't think was worth your money? Also recommend recurring income products of high possible incomes if promoting affiliate products?

    Keep building your lists and never sell that list because the money really is in the list. If your list is responsive and big enough look for a list swap with another marketer within your niche either now or later on?


    Stephen & Jennifer.
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    Yes you can sell it. But it is up to the quality of your list if it will sell or not.


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    What are some ways to start building a list? Im confused on starting a list?...how did you start a list? What did you use?
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    Send a series of emails giving value and pitch helpful products now and then.
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    George, for what purpose did you actually build this list?

    Was your goal to sell it, or to sell products or service to the list?

    How did you build the list?

    Without more information, we're all just tossing advice that may or may not be relevant to what your long-term goal is.
    Kindest regards,

    Greg Ray

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    Have you prepared enough followup e-mails, which can be sent to subscribers automatically, and you can sell your products or affiliate programs in followup e-mails.

    If you don't like to write followup e-mails, you can find SWIPE e-mails from many affiliate programs's resource sites, and copy them as your followup messages, don't forget to add your affiliate links.
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    Originally Posted by georgecrane View Post

    Hello, I got an email list from one of my sites

    Originally Posted by georgecrane View Post

    now what?
    You should have known the answer to that Q before you started...

    Originally Posted by georgecrane View Post

    Can I sell my list?
    What the...? That's ABUSING other people's private info.

    So many people on here think it's alright to sell an e-mail list to someone else who's likely going to spam them with affiliate offers.

    Would you like it if someone sold your e-mail addy?
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      So you built a list without a plan.

      You should do a search here on the Forum "Why do people fail"

      1984 and Animal Farm are supposed to be WARNINGS not instruction manuals
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