How to use paid advertising for affiliate marketing?

by K Mec
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Before my adwords account got banned I was successfully using adwords for salling affiliate products. The problem was I was directly linking product's sales page.

Is there any other way to sale clickbank product directly through adwords or facebook ads or any other ad network?
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    Not need to set up your own squeeze page or review page for the product.
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    Google Adwords and Facebook ads are great paid advertising platforms, use your own unique squeeze page for the Ad, readers are taken directly to your landing page about the product after clicking on your ad, don’t link directly to the sale page because advertising platforms just don’t allow that any more, they want to deliver unique content, not replicated websites, write a review as your landing page for your ad and then inside that article, link to the product's sales page.
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    Google Adwords or Social Media promotion through ads on the site
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      Originally Posted by cyberzolo View Post

      Google Adwords or Social Media promotion through ads on the site
      I agree with this for sure.
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    You will have to create a landing page with some information on it in order to stay compliant and be able to advertise on Google/Bing.Google become more strict and you should be careful when starting a new product.
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      U can just use free platforms like and direct your paid traffic there. Make sure there is good copy for presell of what you are promoting so to get the required conversions.
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        Doing a review or Landing page with good content on it will work just fine.

        Best of luck to you friend.
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    Sell a high priced affiliate product and sell it via an email newsletter.
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    Yes you can still be successful in Paid Media but it is a lot more time consuming. With adwords, affiliate marketers used to fly all over the place.

    Now you will have to do some research and find websites in your niche to buy advertising directly from them.

    It will take some time but if you are patient (and do small spends to test your market),

    You can find your 'sweet' spot.
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    You can direct link to an affiliate offer using Bing. With so much competition for clickbank products / product name keywords its not easy to be profitable by direct linking.

    It's better to create a squeeze page and drive traffic to the squeeze page to build a list and then promote to the list. This also allows you to promote other offers to your list going forward.
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    try Bing or PPV can also do research on how to get a new adwords account, change your IP, use your mothers address, plenty of ways around it.
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