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I've currently tested the following:

Traffic -> Opt-In -> $7 Offer -> $37 product

Traffic -> $7 offer

Traffic -> Opt-in -> Thank You -> Email pitch -> $7 Offer -> $37 Product

Traffic -> Opt-in -> Thank You -> Email pitch -> $37 product

Right now the one that's working the best is...

Traffic -> Opt-in -> Thank You -> Email pitch -> $7 Offer -> $37 Product

I want to test:

Traffic -> Opt-in -> $37 product

What funnels have you tested and what works best for you?
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    I've been doing the following:

    Laser-targeted traffic -> $50 product -> Opt-in -> $100 product -> $500 product -> $1,000 product -> $,1500 product -> $2,000 product -> $5,000 product -> $10,000 product -> $50,000 product -> $100,000 product etc

    Product prices may vary and the sales funnel includes several communication channels such as email, SMS, social media, telemarketing, webinars, local seminars, direct mail, and in many cases direct sales to close larger deals.

    It's been working great for over 15 years.
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    Traffic ---> optin ---> thank you ---> content email 1 (NO PITCHING) ---> content email 2 (NO PITCHING, but hint a product for the next email ---> affiliate email
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      I am always amazed - in a good way, at all the effort put into IM. More specifically IM for e-books, affiliate, and the like. It truly is amazing to me. I seriously doubt I would have the passion/patience for it. I have enough grey hairs with my 2 step funnel, I can only imagine.

      I sell stuff, be it on etsy, e-bay, or satellite systems. I use a 2 step funnel... Traffic ---> Product, That's it. I take the hard route in a sense because I use SEO and not PPC. I also use offline methods, but again its Traffic ---> Product. Duplication of MY working online process.

      I generally keep my mouth shut in these types of discussions, due to the fact I don't know about the process, or to say the extended process. But this evening the way JaredRhodenizer layed out the different process' leads me to maybe understand the process better.

      It appears MYOB and myself look at traffic to sales in the same manner. He adds the once you got em sell more to his. I cross sell as well, with each package that goes out the door there is a sales brochure that goes out about my satellite products. And when I am installing my satellite systems I market my e-bay etsy stuff.

      The question I ask is this: With every added step are you not loosing in the end?

      I think we can all agree with every 100 people in the door ( on your landing page ) you can expect to close 3. Now that is how Traffic ---> Product works ( the basic rule of 3% close ). By adding steps into the process Traffic -> Opt-in -> Thank You -> Email pitch -> $7 Offer; are you at the same 3% or does the number drop? Meaning with 100 traffic are you still selling 3 $7 offers?

      Again, I am in no way saying you or anyone else doing this is doing it wrong... I am wanting to understand the process, to understand if the added steps are helping or hurting. I personally would be doing traffic ---> $7 ---> thank you ---> $37 and traffic --->$37 with the added $7 as a "Bonus". You are creating 2 funnels with the same traffic target a $7 on and a $44 selling for $37 <- value added

      Looking at the process I have to ask... what is the difference between your landing page and your e-mail pitch? if Traffic -> Opt-in -> Thank You -> Email pitch -> $7 Offer is working then its your e-mail pitch that is closing. Would it not make sense to create a landing page from your email pitch? Creating traffic -> $7 with a percent of $37 up sells.

      I just keep thinking I am missing something...
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    Traffic> optin> application page> $1500 offer> emails 1-3 content> emails 4-7 mixture of content and $7, $27 offer> Emails 8-9 back to original $1500 offer.
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    Wonderful discussion! Sales funnel is the most important thing for an Internet marketer.

    I use two OTOs and then sell more (my own or affiliate programs) in followup e-mail messages.

    I try to improve my sales funnel every day.
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