Is there any method to make money online on real estate?

by konrud
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Hello warriors.

Everybody knows that real estate is very profitable niche. But not everybody can sell houses offline=) So is there any way to earn online? For example I am able to drive traffic but I need to know are there any programs, cpa networks about real estate or something like that where I can be an affiliate and receive good commissions?
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    See if you like this, create a local website where you can advertise houses for sale. Then get in touch with builders and estate agents to pay you to advertise on your site. Sell the banner space on your site to these people.

    Of course, it is not going to happen overnight, but if you start now, you can get down to building an authority site – and guaranteed residual income – long term.

    All the best. Regards.

    Ricardo Furtado

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  • I don't do it since i travel and am in different countries but I was in that niche and I know people who buy online and sell online real estate in the US. I'm not sure in other counties but in US you can do everything virtually. Check out a guy called Don DeRossa he does it on his ipad the entire thing there are more people you can now get legal sigs electronically which when i did real estate you could not.
    soon people... Relax...
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    My business partner and I ran a small mortgage company back in 2005-2007. We were paying:

    $80 for live (phone) transfers
    $40-50 for exclusive/fresh email leads
    $20-30 for non-exclusive email leads

    And we were making money at those prices. If you can deliver legit leads to a mortgage broker or RE agent in your local area (and you trust them to pay you out) you could do quite well.
    Website Brokers - We can help you sell businesses making $500 to $50K per month.

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      Real Estate has plenty of ways to make money since you're not an agent you won't make any money from houses sold so instead focus on lead generation. Many affiliate programs will pay handsomely if you get someone to subscribe to their Real Estate list. You can find some good programs on CJ. The problem is that their are already giant websites many people directly refer to instead of searching Google. So the real problem wouldb e getting traffic in a market that TONS of people want to be in.
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    advertise on CL, track your ads, it's very competive, so be careful
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