Any one using an alternative to blogger

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Just like some ideas on how to use a different place to blogger?
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    Don't use it.

    1. You don't own it.
    2. You'll never get any real traffic to it unless you're a pro and an SMM expert.
    3. It looks unprofessional.

    Get your own domain and self-host, for land's sake!
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    As already adviced, self hosted wordpress blog is your best bet if you are in this for long term. If you don't want to buy hosting, even free Wordpress account with your own domain name is good enough. If / when you want to move to self hosted, you can do it without affecting your backlinks, if you go with your own domain name. Don't use the free subdomains.

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    WordPress, a simple yet powerful thing to love
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    Originally Posted by skillfull View Post

    Just like some ideas on how to use a different place to blogger?
    Can you please elaborate? Are you looking at an alternative to blogger or how to use other platforms?
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    Blogger dont work i have 2 blogs nr1 on googel BUT no traffic thats a fact!
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    I also have free hosting wordpress sites no results the real deal is pay for real hosting i think you get nothing if you don't pay.
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    blogger isnt the most friendly but there is typepad hubpages for a niche specific, squidoo, and of course wordpress
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  • Profile picture of the author Luke Corden (not is the way to go IMO.

    You own it, it's customizable, easy and there is very little you can't do. A great platform to start off with at any rate.

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      Get yourself a Hostgator 'Baby Plan' account - put a cheap but relevant domain on it - use Fantastico in Cpanel to upload a Wordpress blog within seconds.

      The beauty of this is - you can have as many sub-domains using that one single domain as you like - all costing you Zilch!

      And of course, you can also host as 'many' domains as you like for a measly $6.36 per month - What's not to like??
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    Self hosting your own Wordpress blog is one option if you have the money to do it. But if you are not interested or able to invest money go for a site like Tumblr as an alternative to Blogger. There are many other reputable free blog sites with good Google reputation that will rank well assuming you post regularly.

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    As others have mentioned Wordpress is a must if you are looking to become a serious blogger!

    It takes time to figure out, but at the end of the day, this is where it's at as far as blogging goes.

    And really, it's not that difficult once you learn how to use it!

    Best of luck with your blogging!
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    Wordpress is good, so is tumblr.

    Getting your own site like others mentioned before really is the key though.

    But you can always just use blogger, with enough content, as someone else here mentioned, you can start to get pretty good traffic.
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