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is there a software or some easier way to create and upload a WSO sales page
any suggestions of what to use?
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    Well you have to be a WarRoom member to do a WSO anyway, so step 1 is to do that. Step 2 is to read all the rules and make sure your not breaking any of them.

    Then you can head down to the Warriors for hire section and post an ad to engage one of the many fine copywriters here on the WF.
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    I haven't seen software...most people simply develop their sales pages themselves or get it created by a designer. To be perfectly honest, it's so inexpensive to get custom stuff developed these days, I wouldn't personally recommend using any cookie cutter type sales page design.

    My two cents
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    I have seen a service here few months back which has done some job which I guess is closed now.

    However, hiring a designer would be the best option possible as you may not want your WSO sales pages look copy to others that used the same generator.

    Look at warriors for hire section, there are some good designers for your job.
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