How do you find more time in your day?

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Here's a question for everyone.

How do you personally find more time in your day for marketing your business?

All My Best,
Lori P.
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    * Keep an ongoing to-do list

    * Update and prioritize the to-do list

    * Outsource

    * Realize things don't have to be perfect

    * Focus

    * Refocus if you lose focus

    * Don't be afraid to drop things off of your to-do list if you realize your goals have changed, you've grown, etc.
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    Keep a list of things to do, in the morning, workout what you want done for the day, cross them off as you get them done, and at the end of the day, go over the list again, make sure things where done, add new ones where needed, and repeat =)

    Taking 5-10 minutes in the morning and night, in doing a task or todo list, can easily save you hours during the day. It helps clear the mind for the tasks at hand.
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    by losing time for my homework
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      Originally Posted by Mubarak Waseem View Post

      by losing time for my homework
      Haha...same here! I totally neglected uni for IM

      Some students such as myself who are in not-very-demanding programs (political science) find ourselves with tons of time on our hands. Half the time I game, the other half I'm online.

      But even if you don't have a lot of time, you have to prioritize. Pinpoint what needs to be done in order to move your business forward. Do what you know you can do well and quickly, and then outsource the rest. Leveraging other people's time is key for productivity!

      Curtis Ng (blog) - Product Launch Manager
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    Ive learnt that the housework will still be there when I get to it - and that making this business work is top priority

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    I try to be a stickler on the list I came up with. Distractions are normal. It's just a matter of determining which one needs high priority at any one time.
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    We all have 86,400 second in a day. Make it a point to ask yourself these questions:
    1. Am I working productively or just "messing around"
    2. Am I working efficiently or can someone else be doing this cheaper then me?
    3. Am I helping myself get ahead or others get ahead? - this is the KEY to success!
    You must serve others before you can serve yourself.

    If Life gives you Lemons...make Lemonade!

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    Time is something that will never change it is always constant.
    Better time management however is controled by the timekeeper.
    Jon Davidson
    Find a Plan...Stick To The Plan!
    Wealth and Money Online
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    Everyone has the same amount of time.

    But I always hear people saying 24 hours is not enough, wish I have more time.

    With that said, why some people seem to finish their work and having spare time. Well, it is all about time management. I had studied time management a few years back and realise that you can fulfill many tasks as long as you are organised.

    So, doing a daily, weekly and monthly task lists are important. With such lists, you can prioritize what are needed of your attention first and completing individual task as you go along. The reason why people finding not enough time is because in their mind, there is still tomorrow so I shall leave it for tomorrow. This will carry on for the next day, so things will be get done.

    Follow strictly with your daily, weekly and monthly task. By the end of one month, looking back you will find that you have done so much that you might not even believe it.

    So, start today! Get your task lists up and getting yourself doing your task!

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      I installed the firefox plugin called "Leechblock".

      Basically you can choose to not be able to access certain sites during set time periods. You can even set it so that you can't change the settings during those time periods or uninstall it!

      I set it to automatically re-direct to a picture of a Porsche Carrera as to remind me that working is going to get me one of them someday..

      It has actually been extremely helpful.. if you find yourself checking these forums or going on facebook when you should be working definitely install it.
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        Thats Hot Pat!

        I add hrs via Caffeine. I'll catch up on sleep when Im dead, or when everyday is Saturday
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    Denial. I just pretend there is 40 hours in a day. To me, it's still Monday... August 2007 :-)
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    I think you have to have a realistic view of what you can get accomplished given the hours you have to work each day. Expecting yourself to accomplish the impossible will only leave you frustrated and disappointed.

    But I also think you need to be tough on yourself - when there is no boss looking over your shoulder it is easy to slack off so you need to set aggressive goals.

    Here's what I do:

    I have a list of tasks I need to get done each day.

    I knock off each task one by one, focusing on only the task itself with no distractions or breaks.

    When I am done each task (or maybe after 2 tasks depending on how long) I let myself take a break (which I am actually doing now). This can be taking a walk, working out, cleaning the house (Ok, I don't really do this that much), coming here etc.. The length of the break depends on the task I just completed and how much I have left on my "to do" list.

    Of course, there are things that come up that can throw you off course, but I usually have my work scheduled out for a week in advance so if I can't get everything I need to get done for one of the days, I know I need to make up for it the next day.

    Sometimes I finish early, but I don't let myself slack off, I just pick up the first task for the next day!

    Gone Fishing
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    my suggestion is
    1 - create a to do list
    2 - prioritize each task in the list
    3 - make every second counts (time management+self discipline is very important)
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    Make a list but don't get dominated by it
    Realise that few things matter, and most things don't matter at all
    Enjoy the early hours of the day

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    Make a list of your goals and keep it by your computer. If you find yourself drifting or not being productive, glance up at the goal list. You know what you have to do to reach those goals. Think of your work like driving to a destination. You will arrive.
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    Originally Posted by shmerns View Post

    How do you personally find more time in your day for marketing your business?

    Go to bed later.
    Get up earlier.
    Go full time.
    Work weekends.
    Put the phone on night mode.
    Employ someone.

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